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Year 3-6 Spring Concert: A Day of Musical Magic and Talent

Updated: Jun 12

Our Years 3 to 6 students brought the stage alive with the vibrant and enchanting performance of "Aladdin Kids." This eagerly anticipated event, featuring two performances—one for Year 3 and 4 and another for Year 5 and 6—was a resounding success, highlighting the hard work and creativity of our young performers.

Class Shows: A Melodic Prelude

The concert commenced with an array of class shows, each bringing a unique musical flavor to the day:

  • Year 3 Bandicoots, Pademelons, and Crocodiles kicked off with an uplifting rendition of "Don't Worry Be Happy."

  • Year 3 Magpies and Taipans followed with a heartwarming performance of "You've Got A Friend in Me."

  • Year 4 Black Swans and Redbacks inspired the audience with "Key of Me."

  • Year 4 Bilbies and Sugar Gliders captivated the audience with a delightful performance of "Catch a Falling Star."

  • Year 5 Ospreys and Brolgas delighted with "Isn’t She Lovely."

  • Year 5 Wedgetails and Numbats brought a soulful rendition of "Stand by Me."

  • Year 6 Lorikeets, Curlews, and Currawongs concluded with a moving performance of "Corner of the Sky."

These performances set the tone for the day, demonstrating the musical talents and enthusiasm of our students. A huge thanks to Mr Tom, our dedicated music teacher,  whose passion and creativity brought this musical class shows to life.

Aladdin Kids: The Main Event

The main event featured the "Aladdin Kids" performances, bringing the beloved story of Aladdin to life. Through a series of enchanting musical numbers, the audience was transported to the magical land of Agrabah, where they witnessed Aladdin's adventures, the Genie’s magical tricks, and the villainy of Jafar.

"A Whole New World" was a highlight, with Aladdin and Jasmine delivering a beautiful duet.

Year 3 - 4 Aladdin Kids performance

Year 5 - 6 Aladdin Kids performance

The ensemble, including the Agrabahns, Entourage, and various other characters, delivered stellar performances, bringing depth and vibrancy to the production.

The dedication and effort of our students, along with the support of their teachers and families, were evident in every scene. This concert not only entertained but also demonstrated the power of teamwork and the joy of performing arts.

Congratulations to all the students and everyone involved in making the "Aladdin Kids" concert a magical and memorable event!

A Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you to all the families who joined us for the show. Your presence and enthusiastic support made the event truly special and memorable for our students.

A special shout-out to the Costume Committee for their time, creativity, and support. We are incredibly thankful for your dedication and the love you poured into this concert.

A huge thank you to all the administrators, teachers, teaching assistants, nannies, and everyone who contributed to making this production a success. Your hard work and passion made the "Aladdin Kids" concert an unforgettable experience. Thank you for being the backbone of this extraordinary event and for nurturing the talents of our wonderful students!


Director and Vocal Coach: Phitchaya Klimov

Stage Manager: Chanissa Eamsuwan

Acting Coach & Stage Director: Thaninrat Tantriboripakkul

Choreographer: Natanan Palakavong Na Ayudha

Additional Assistant and Choreographer: Mayric Arellano

Set and Prop Designer: Jessica Devahastin

Costume Designer: AISB Costume Committee

Yoko Gilman

Nalinee Paitchouy

Takako Torato

Nozomi Ashida

Yoko Nakamura

Saori Takeuchi

Mio Parkinson

Anny Sachdev

Nattaporn Saeheng

Jane Wolczko

Avis So

Jasmeen Kaur

Jyoti Bora

Sakshi Rastogi

Keiko Ishimitsu

Masako Kusana

Mariko Maruya

Kaniya Chanphatthana

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