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Hear what our parents and students have to say about being part of the AISB community

When I initially brought my son for a private school visit with Ms Malini and trial day by kindness from Ms Sheridan and Ms Hannah, my husband was abroad and unable to join. As a result, he couldn't understand why I was so eager to enroll our son in AISB and move him to AISB immediately.


After visiting AISB, my husband finally realized why it is the best place for our son's education. He now appreciates the excellent learning environment and opportunities that AISB offers. I wanted to personally thank you and the entire AISB team for providing such remarkable education to our family and others .


Once again, thank you for your commitment to excellence. We are grateful to have our child enrolled in AISB and look forward to witnessing his growth and progress in the coming years.

Soi 20 & Soi 31 Parent

Both our daughters had an excellent experience at both AISB campuses, starting at nursery levels and progressing through to Grade 4 for the eldest before we returned to Australia. Both children thoroughly enjoyed their time at AISB and took advantage of after-school activities, additional learning services and other many other activities.


Both of the girls integrated very smoothly back into the Australian school system upon our recent return and were fully up to speed with local levels and requirements. Mr Greg Cairnduff and the team created a wonderful culture within the school as it has expanded over the years and the network of friends, for both the students and parents that came from it, were magnificent. AISB and the associations were one of the highlights of our seven years in Bangkok, we miss them greatly and wish them all the very best for their future.

Conrad - Soi 20 & Soi 31 Parent

Very rarely do you come across an educational setup that becomes more than your home. AISB Soi 20 was exactly that for us.

Our daughter took her first step in the world of schooling, and we were fortunate to be associated with AISB in Bangkok. The staff, the teachers, and the school leaders make you feel nothing less than their family.


Extremely accommodating and understanding in every possible way. The teachers are the best gift this school gives any child and our daughter was blessed to have such teachers in her formative years. They shaped her so well that now she is blooming as a smart and confident young girl ready for her next steps in life. 


If we were to rate AISB Soi 20 on a scale of 1-10 ( 10 being the highest), we will rate it 25. 

Saurabh - Soi 20 Parent

I am very grateful to be a student in AISB. The school taught me many engaging subjects and helped improve many of my skills. Learning in this school was very fun and interesting. I found chess to be one of my hobbies and I also found my passion in art through AISB. The great thing about this school is that it is a very interactive experience while learning and it makes me feel more engaged in many subjects.


I would also like to add that being part as one of the Student Council was an incredible experience. It helped improve my leadership skills and it let us, as students to have more of a voice when it comes to decision making. We were able to suggest what we could do to make the school better. That was the part I really liked. AISB has also made me many great friends who were inclusive and kind. From whom I know of, none were bullies which make me happy and grateful. 


I love that I have been in this school for a very long time and how it has gave me so many fond memories that I can look back on. Thank you Mr Greg for giving a fascinating school with a great education. It was a very fun and memorable experience which made me a key part of who I am today. This is a school I will never forget.  

Pawit (Cooper) - K1 to Year 7 Student

Cooper is now attending high school in Sydney.

Fantastic school for the children to learn and grow. My child moved to AISB in mid-2020. The school promotes diversity and builds up the confidence of the young minds. The school educates the skills for the future, both academics and soft skills. I am so pleased with how my child has progressed, thank you.

Apiradee - Soi 31 Parent 

Vice-President - Australian Alumni Association (Thailand) & Director, Austcham Thailand

Our son Aleix joined Soi 20 campus when he was 18 months. It was an easy transition into nursery as all the staff (from teachers to nannies) were extremely caring of Aleix feelings. And as well to our own ones, as separation is hard as well for the parents !! We were kept updated and informed about his progress, his challenges and we felt extremely confident about the school system and staff. Meeting twice a year allowed us to have a personal touch of Aleix situation, but as well through Seasaw application. We had daily updates and could communicate with the teacher at any given time. At the beginning during lockdown the learning was challenging but the school was able to re-asses and adapt to the new normal. We were extremely happy how the school reacted. Aleix will miss his teachers and friends dearly.

Gloria and Lluis - Soi 20 Parents

I sent both of my children to AISB since nursery school because AISB made us feel very comfortable and always showed us support. The school essentially helped raise my children the way I did. The staffs are caring and well-organized, always wanting the best for the children. AISB is my favorite school, although my children are 9 years apart, I enrolled my second child to AISB straight away, there was no doubt that it was my top choice as they provide a strong pillar for academics and extracurriculars. 

When my kids were at AISB, they always looked forward to going to school as the teachers made activities and learning fun. My son had sparked his interest in chess which led him to compete in multiple championships and tournaments, rooted from his time at AISB and learning from his teachers. 

Parichat - Soi 20 Parent

AISB is a great kindergarten. My older child joined with a tremendous amount of separation anxiety but the constant care and attention by the teachers and staff of AISB helped him adapt quickly and thrive. AISB provides a home like environment and is like an extension of a family. Both my children have had positive experiences and it is a school that I would strongly recommend.

Ekta - Soi 20 Parent

My experience over the past five and a half years as parent at AISB is very positive. Besides the very personalized and frequent contact with Teachers and Directors I am very pleased about the way how the school approaches learning topics and organizes the day by day operation. During the COVID period the school reacted quickly and effectively to put in place an online learning platform and came up with a well working mix between virtual meetings and online provided assignments. Overall I am very satisfied with AISB.

Michael - Soi 31 Parent

The Australian International School, Bangkok, was the first school that both my boys attended and I couldn't have hoped for better beginnings. With their warmth, understanding, and fun learning approaches, the teachers and support staff took two little babies in Nursery and helped nurture them into curious, confident, and happy little learners. The school's homely atmosphere made it a delight for them to attend every day. I am grateful for the strong foundation towards learning that my boys were given.

Nawal - Soi 20 Parent 

Aseem started her schooling with AISB. As a parent, we were very worried about how she will adjust first time in school, but teachers in AISB were so good and loving. Aseem has fond memories of her first school. We were very happy with their curriculum and ECA's were particularly very good with so many options. Not only the teachers but the whole staff was very good. We had a great experience!!

Ramneek - Soi 20 Parent

I would like to express our gratitude to everyone at AISB. Dell has been enjoying every moment at school. He always says “I love Mr. Gareth” “ I love Ms. Sarah” “The nanny takes good care of me”. Mr. Gareth and his team are very professional. Everyone is very nice to him and encourages him to be the best version of himself.

For the admin staff, everyone is nice and kind to us. Khun Shailly and Khun Oil are always supportive. We are very lucky to meet such good people here and very lucky to be part of AISB family. We couldn’t find words to express all our feelings but we love everything here and AISB is the best. I have been recommending the school to many families and some of them already have been here.

We have found the best school but needed to move to another school when we moved house. I hope that when we come back to our old place in the future, there will be an opportunity for us to join in again.

Derek - Soi 31 Parent

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