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Year 1 Students Shine in 'Welcome to the Jungle' Musical

Updated: Jun 11

Our Year 1 students brought the enchanting world of the African jungle to life with their spectacular mini-musical, "Welcome to the Jungle." The musical was a heartwarming celebration of friendship, bravery, and the importance of keeping promises. The young performers delighted the audience with their charming portrayal of jungle characters and left everyone with smiles and applause.

The story follows Panya, a tiny mouse who finds herself in the clutches of Maliki, a fearsome lion. Using her wit and charm, Panya manages to escape, only to return later to rescue Maliki when he is ensnared in a hunter's net. This touching tale was narrated by a group of storytellers who guided the audience through the jungle adventure.

Throughout the performance, the students sang five simple yet captivating songs that beautifully complemented the story. These songs were:

  • Welcome to the Jungle - An energetic opening that introduced the vibrant world and characters of the jungle, setting the stage for the adventure.

  • Mane Man - A lively song highlighting Maliki, the lion, showcasing his pride and strength as the jungle's ruler.

  • Danger - A suspenseful tune that captured the tension and challenges faced by the jungle inhabitants.

  • Making a Friend - A touching song about the growing bond between Panya the mouse and Maliki, emphasizing kindness and friendship.

  • Celebrate - A joyful finale celebrating the rescue and the new friendships formed, bringing the story to a triumphant close.

The concert highlighted the students' talent and hard work, supported by the creativity of the staff and the whole school community. Parents, teachers, and students enjoyed the colorful costumes, lively choreography, and engaging storytelling.

"Welcome to the Jungle" was a huge success, with the Year 1 students showing great confidence and enthusiasm, making it a memorable day for everyone.

Voice Coach and Staging: Nartnapa Sukporn

Set and Prop Designer: Jessica Devahastin

Digital Backdrops: Chris Cayco

Costume Designer: AISB Costume Committee

  • Yoko Gilman

  • Nalinee Paitchouy

  • Takako Torato

  • Nozomi Ashida

  • Yoko Nakamura

  • Saori Takeuchi

  • Anny Sachdev

  • Nattaporn Saeheng

  • Jane Wolczko

  • Avis So

  • Jasmeen Kaur

  • Jyoti Bora

  • Sakshi Rastogi

  • Keiko Ishimitsu

  • Masako Kusana

  • Mariko Maruya

  • Kaniya Chanphatthana

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