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The Lion King Jr. Concert: A Roaring Success

The Lion King Jr. concert at Srinakarinwirot University on May 25th and May 26th was a roaring success! Students from Year 3 to Year 6 displayed their amazing talent and brought the beloved characters and timeless music from Disney's iconic classic to life in a spectacular performance.

Year 3 to Year 6 students portrayed beloved Lion King Jr. characters with impressive acting, capturing the essence of Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Scar, Timon, Pumbaa, and more. Their dedication and enthusiasm shone through every step, dance move, and line.


Enija - Banzai Hana S. - Sarafina

Rio - Benz Naye - Scar 1

Phurin - Mufasa 1 Moke - Scar 2

Seon - Mufasa 2 Alexandra - Shenzi

Amber - Nala 1 Nachanan - Simba 1

Marie - Nala 2 Siah - Simba 2

Amy - Pumbaa 1 Hana G. - Simba 3

Aahana - Pumbaa 2 Alexander - Simba 4

Momona - Rafiki 1 Yukta - Timon 1

Midori -Rafiki 2 Nayantara - Timon 2

Printorn - Sarabi Aiyara - Zazu 1

Sharvi - ED Tao - Zazu 2

Class Participation

Y3 Girls Boys

Pademelons Meercats Birds

Crocodiles Lionesses Warthogs



Tress - ALL


Redbacks Zebras Wild beast


Blackswans Antelopes Rhinos

Sugar Gliders


Brolgas Flamingos Monkeys

Wedge Tails

Ospreys Ostriches Cheetah



Lorikeets Giraffes Hyenas - ALL

Currawongs Hippos

Curlews Elephants

The talented students sang iconic songs like "Circle of Life," "I Just Can't Wait to Be King," and "Hakuna Matata" with perfect harmony. Their amazing performances and impressive dancing brought the Lion King's energy to life on stage. The audience was captivated by the talented performers and their synchronized dance routines.

While the spotlight shone on the performers, the success of the concert was a result of the dedicated team working behind the scenes. The school administrators, teachers, TAs, nannies, administrative staff, and parent costume designers collaborated seamlessly to create a memorable production.

Mr. Brenton Hall - AISB Director

Ms. Laura King - Head of Primary


  • Mr. Preeyakit "Fox" Brunasin - Director

  • Ms. Yanisa "Prim" Kaiyasut - Assistant Director

Vocal Coaches

  • Mr. Jonathan Carteciano Hilado

  • Mr. Pichawat "Boon" Assawarun


  • Ms. Jessica Deevahastin

Costume Design and Production

  • Ms. Yoko, Ms. Ravi, Ms. Aya, Ms. Aki. Ms. Alisa, Ms. Asaji, Ms. Lisa, Ms. Monika, Ms. Nobuko, MS. Shuko. Ms. Kesinee, Ms. Jane, Ms. Avis, Ms. Nueng, Ms. Tina, Ms. Gantuya.

Teachers, TAs, and Nannies

Year 3

  • Mr. Jonathan, Ms. Donalyn, P’Nee

  • Mr. Andrew, Ms. Sasithorn, P’Tik

  • Ms. Corin, Ms. Chatsiri, P’Bua

  • Mr. Timothy, Ms. Grace, P’Ja

Year 4

  • Mr. Tom, Ms. Arunee, P’Nok

  • Ms. Jessica, Ms. Mayric, P’Pen

  • Mr. Riley, Ms. Barbara, P’Porn

  • Mr. Andrew, Ms. Angelica, P’May

Year 5

  • Ms. Mignon, Ms. Jeselle, P’Nung

  • Mr. Martin, Ms. Abegiel, P’Kookai

  • Mr. Joshua, Ms. Lymer, P’Pom

  • Mr. Drew, Ms. Wichitra, P’Pam

Year 6

  • Mr. Paul, Ms. Jenjira, P’Noi

  • Ms. Tammy, Ms. Puja, P’Wan

  • Mr. Andy, Ms. Chutsada, P’Tid

EAL Teachers/Learning Support

  • Ms. Taryn

  • Mr. Connor

  • Ms. Christy

  • Mr. Spencer

  • Ms. Merisa

Administrative Staff

  • Ms. Panita, Ms. Wanthanee, Ms. Chelsey, Ms. Pratana

We thank all the other admin staff who contributed to the success of this event.


AISB Transport Staff

Montri Transport Staff

Srinkharinwot University

The Director and Staff of the Institute of Culture and Arts

The students, teachers, staff, and parents worked together to create a visually captivating experience that transported the audience to the heart of the Pride Lands.

Congratulations to all the performers and the entire team behind this magnificent production! 👏🎉

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