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🏆Incredible achievement by the AISB Boys U11s! 🏆

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Our AISB Boys U11s team has emerged victorious in the BASIS Cup after an intense and nail-biting tournament! 🎉👏

Despite being a skeletal squad of only 7 players—Raden, Ren, Hibito, Nino, AJ, Shota, and Jerry—the boys exhibited unwavering determination and attacked every game with a relentless spirit. They refused to back down and shut up shop, and their efforts truly paid off!


AISB vs. Wellington: 2-1 AISB vs. Harrow: 7-0 AISB vs. Basis: 2-0

Semi Final

AISB vs. SISB: 3-0 Final

AISB vs. Wellington: 4-1

What an incredible journey it has been, and the boys truly deserve every bit of this victory. A special shoutout goes to the inimitable Coach Andy, whose guidance and leadership have been instrumental in shaping this remarkable team.

Congratulations to the AISB Boys U11s team, Coach Andy, and everyone involved in supporting them! 🎉👏 Let's continue to cheer them on and inspire each other to reach even greater heights.

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