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Foundation End-of-Year Concert: "Swamped"

This year's Foundation end-of-year concert was a wonderful event that highlighted the amazing talent and creativity of our Foundation students. The theme was "Swamped," a musical that celebrated friendship, tolerance, and courage. The students wore cute costumes of frogs and tadpoles, adding a fun and charming touch to the performance.

The concert started with a series of musical performances organized by our music teacher, Ms. Ann. Each group brought their own style to the stage with the following lineup:

Foundation Dingoes: "Wave Goodbye"

Foundation Potoroos: "Steel Band Drum"

Foundation Wallabies: "Tubby Sub"

Foundation Koalas: "Star of the Show"

Following these performances, the concert featured the musical "Swamped," a story about the importance of friendship, tolerance, and courage.

The Foundation syndicate opened with "We're Swamped!", setting the stage for an exciting journey through the swamp.

Foundation Dingoes and Koalas: "The Swamp Stomp"

Foundation Potoroos and Wallabies: "Just a Little Tadpole"

Foundation Syndicate: "You Can Fly"

The concert ended with a reprise of "We're Swamped!" by the entire Foundation syndicate, bringing the event to a joyful close. "Swamped" reminded us all of the beauty of friendship, the power of tolerance, and the courage to be ourselves.

Congratulations to all the performers, and a big thank you to all the staff for the wonderful stage decoration, the class teachers for their guidance during the practices, and to all the parents and everyone involved for your full support.

Thank you very much for making this special day possible!

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