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Australian Bushfire Relief Appeal

Last year, we kicked off the AISB Bushfire Relief Appeal to assist with relief for Australian communities affected by the disaster.

Below are the Fundraiser events hosted to raise funds:

Australian Bush Fire
Fitness session with experts - for adults and children at Soi 20 campus
Australian Bush Fire
Bushfire Fundraiser Movie Night at Soi 20 and Soi 31 campus
Australian Bush Fire
"A Bug is Life" .... an old but good movie...screened at Soi 20 campus (31 January 2020)
Australian Bush Fire
Some of our AISB community showed initiative by collecting money at the gate of our Soi 31 campus.
Australian Bush Fire
Thank you to the kind ladies who ran the bake sale at Soi 31. You all did an amazing job. Thank you from everyone.
Australian Bush Fire
Bake sale at Soi 31 campus
Australian Bush Fire
A parent at Koala International Kindergarten who has a bakery made these products and gave proceeds to our appeal!

AISB parents, staff and students raised 150 000 THB in the appeal and sent 100 000 THB to Mogo Public School - a small school in southern New South Wales and the rest of the money was donated equally to the Wildlife Rescue Service and Beyond Blue - a mental health organisation.

The money was gratefully received by the recipients.

We received this letter from Ms Lyndall Suchmann Principal of Mogo School:

I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the donation the Australian International School Bangkok are making towards our school. As you would be aware, when you are positioned at a small school and only have 20 or so families, the opportunity to fund-raise can prove exceedingly challenging. Add to that a low-socioeconomic demographic and the task becomes even more challenging! Please know that first chance next year I will inform our community of the generosity of yours, and it will be a pleasure to watch a connection grow between the two places. We have a staff meeting today and I will ask all teaching staff (lol, all 4 of us!!!) for ideas and thoughts on where and what we should utilise the donation you are making. I have attached a little power-point that you might like to share with staff, students and your wider community - it just captures our school beautifully! I hope you see how unique we are and how we will value the contribution that you have made.

All activities were a great success. All Australians in our community thank those who gave their time to organise, those who supported and contributed in many different ways.

Thank you, everyone.

Written by Mr Greg Cairndruff, former AISB Director

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