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Student Council Report

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

What is the Student Council?

The Student Council is a group of elected students working together with adult supervisors to assist the school community with events and ongoing issues.

Members of the Student Council AY 2020-2021

It gives opportunities for students to experience leadership roles and to act as the voice of the student body. The Council encourages us to be good citizens, students and leaders, and creates a pleasant and fun learning environment for everyone.

Here are some of its main objectives:

• To initiate and implement improvements in our school.

• To develop and provide opportunities for leadership and service for students.

• To encourage growth of leaders through participation and discussion.

• To contribute to the educational experiences of students by providing them with positive involvement.

• To develop student understanding and encourage them to be well-informed, honest, interested and active citizens.

The projects in which the Student Council participates are those which promote harmony among all students. We are encouraged to speak up about school affairs and establish proposals, such as suggesting events to make our school a comforting and entertaining place.

Members of the Council can make suggestions in Council meetings to be approved by the rest of the representatives, captains and adult advisor. Non-member students are also encouraged to suggest their ideas or express their concerns to their class representative or place them in the suggestion box, so it can be discussed in the council meetings Every year, students are elected to represent their class and act as members of the student council.

The elections were held a month ago and the council had been up and running for a few weeks. We are excited to announce that we have a lot of new members! Mr. Greg hosted our initial council meeting and taught us about leadership. We discussed building camaraderie among students. In addition, we discussed the importance of being a good role model for other students by showing positive behaviour. We ended the meeting by establishing specific jobs, such as the meeting chair, secretary, event liaison, primary liaison and many more. These responsibilities were assigned to the co-captains and executives.

Being a member of the Student Council in my previous school was an invaluable learning experience. I hope to get the chance to apply my leadership skills and personal qualities in the AISB Student Council and in the future. Participation has taught me soft skills that supplement what I learn in the classrooms. I am glad to be working alongside a bright and supportive team of students who work hard and are eager to provide the best service to the entire school community.

This blog was written by Benito - 11 Namadji

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