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Assembly of Investiture

Our 2020/21 Student Council is now in place and ready to lead and serve their fellow students. The 16 students from Year 5 to Year 11 who make up the council were formally invested at an Investiture Ceremony on Friday before their peers and their parents. 

Co-captains: Minori, Calum, and Samdrup
Executives: Benito, Kosuke, Reginald, Taiga

Mr. Ryan Pond, Linfox Senior Project Officer, South East Asia, gave a wonderful guest presentation about Leadership, Service and Voice. His message resonated with our students who, like Mr. Pond did early in his career, are embarking on a leadership journey that will give them opportunities to communicate, plan and organize. These practical experiences will develop their leadership skills and allow them to effectively represent their fellow students.

Mr Ryan Pond, Guest Speaker
Mr Ryan Pond, Guest Speaker

Gifts presented by Pear and Ui Seok
Gifts presented by Pear and Ui Seok

We look forward to each member making a contribution so that collectively the Student Council will give students a voice and provide them with a variety of interesting student-led activities. 

Congratulations to our 2020-21 Student Council representatives and thank you Mr. Ryan Pond.

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