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Welcome Message from our new Deputy Head of Primary and Leader of Soi 20 Campus - Louise Anderson

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Dear AISB School Community Members,

I am so pleased to be joining the AISB community, especially in these challenging times of Covid-19. I am an Australian educator, prior to my appointment at AISB I held the positions of Deputy Principal and Literacy Leader in a large primary school in Victoria. In the last few years I have obtained my Master of Leadership and also completed an Advanced Leadership for Women program. I am a dedicated and passionate life-long learner.

Over the past 30 years, I have worked in varied educational settings from indigenous schools in remote desert towns to rural and inner city Catholic and government schools. Each school context has been vastly different but I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside staff, students and their families in creating optimal learning environments.

Working at AISB will be my first time working overseas, but it has been a life-long dream. My two children and three grand-children are also excited for my next educational journey and hopefully they will have the opportunity to visit me in Bangkok in the near future.

In my leadership role, I aim to continue the fantastic work already evident at AISB as a contemporary 21st century school. I will encourage students and staff to continually strive to be critical and creative thinkers, develop growth mindsets, work collaboratively with others and make a positive difference in the world. The culture I strive to create is where each stakeholder feels safe, is respected, is treated with dignity, and can flourish.

As an educator, I believe learning should be fun, meaningful, and rewarding. I believe student engagement, student wellbeing and student learning outcomes are positively impacted when students are connected, supported and suitably challenged.

On a personal level, I love reading, exploring markets and their wares (I hear there are many markets in Bangkok), travelling locally and abroad, and meeting up with friends and family. I am not much of a cook but I do also love sharing food.

I look forward to meeting everyone at AISB and I am excited to explore Thailand and learn about its rich culture firsthand.

Louise Anderson, new Deputy Head of Primary and Leader of Soi 20

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