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The Superpower of Resilience

Updated: May 14, 2021

The Foundation Wallabies shared their learning about courage at last week’s Bounce Back Assembly. It was lovely to see our youngest members of the primary school share their thoughts about how they are brave. Some ideas included using a night light, hugging a teddy or thinking about happy things such as riding a scooter to overcome fears. They then demonstrated remarkable courage by performing a song for their parents and our early primary classes about being brave and speaking up with honesty.

Foundation Wallaby Class Badges of Courage
Foundation Wallaby Class Badges of Courage

Our Bounce Back assemblies are part of our school’s well being and resilience program ‘Bounce Back!’, which focuses on different well-being and resilience skills across our primary school each month. This year is the first year our Foundation students have been a part of the program and next month they will be learning about optimism.

2020 has been a turbulent year for many around the world and has certainly highlighted the need to equip children in schools with skills which enable them to be resilient. How we all react to difficult situations depends on a number of factors including how we have learned to tackle other challenging situations throughout our lives.

Children have less lived experience compared to adults and they are constantly learning new skills to manage social interactions and emotions. A positive support network of adults, parents, and teachers, who model positive coping skills themselves and guide children, can help children to build resilience or the ability to ‘bounce back’. This is why we not only focus on teaching children well-being and resilience skills in school but also on sharing Bounce Back materials with parents each month.

While our Foundation Wallaby students have many more years to keep adding to their resilience toolkits, they certainly showed us this month that they are well on their way!

Written by Kellie Gannicott

Team Leader of Early Primary (Soi 20 Campus)

B. Teaching (Primary), B. Social Work

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