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The Sounds of Spring - End of Year Early Years Concert

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Written by Ms. Sheridan, Head of Soi 20 Early Years Campus

As the academic year came to a close, our Nursery, Kindergarten and Foundation students were buzzing with excitement for their end of year concert, with this year's themes revolving around bugs and spring.

Our youngest students in Nursery performed songs such as "Fly like a Butterfly", "Here is the Beehive", "Mr Golden Sun", "Drip Drop Rain" and "I'm a Hungry Caterpillar". For some, it was their first time performing on the stage, whilst others showed growth in their confidence from their first performance in December. With each practice session and every encouraging word from staff, their voices grew louder, their movements more coordinated, and their stage presence more vibrant.

Kindergarten students, in their bug-inspired costumes created by staff, took the stage with energy and showed their developing vocal talents in songs such as "The Insect Song", "Lucky Ladybug" and "Bugs Bugs Bugs". Their enthusiasm and musical abilities shone, as they delivered a memorable performance that reflected their growth and development throughout the year. As our Kindergarten students prepare for their transition into the Foundation level in the next school year, and celebrate all the achievements they have made throughout their time in Kindergarten, they also prepared a special song to celebrate this milestone, performing "The Graduation Song".

The Foundation students worked under the guidance of their dedicated teachers to present the musical play, "Bugz". With colourful costumes, our young performers brought the bug characters to life. This fun-filled musical took the audience on a journey through the eyes of different types of insects as they set out to steal a picnic lunch, highlighting the importance of unity and kindness, and celebrating individuality.

Adding to the excitement, our specialist music teachers Ms Gee and Ms Ann also prepared a series of songs for children to perform. Using the Kinder Beat program, it provided a comprehensive foundation in rhythm, melody, tempo and musical expression. Children used a variety of instruments and embarked on a musical journey, culminating in a wonderful performance at the concert.

Congratulations to all our young performers, and also to the classroom and music teachers for guiding them on this musical journey. The concert performances not only showed the childrens developing musical talents, but also highlighted the power of music in nurturing creativity and teamwork.

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