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The Australian International School Bangkok welcomes preservice teachers from Macquarie University

On the 29th of April AISB will welcome 10 preservice teachers from the School of Education, Macquarie University, Sydney.  Macquarie is one of our two partner universities.

In late March, with fellow Board member, Ms Gloy, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting the 10 members of the group and their accompanying academic leader, Dr Sarah Powell and a member of the university’s international administration team, Ms Sophie Widmer.

The preservice teachers are 4th Year Bachelor of Education students; they are doing a double degree course. Their second degree is either a Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Psychology. They will graduate in December this year.

We conducted a pre departure workshop with conversations about entering the teaching profession, about our school, and life in Thailand.

It was inspirational for us to hear their answers to the question “Why do you want to be a teacher?” They spoke with passion about their desire to help the young children who will be in their care in future. In the responses of each of these aspiring young teachers, we could hear and see that each of them is driven by the qualities of compassion, empathy, care, and a deep desire to guide and support the learners they will be responsible for in the future. This impressive group is the first of what we are planning to be an annual Professional Experience visit from Macquarie School of Education preservice teachers. This group will provide a great start to the plan.

They will be in primary school classes on both Soi 20 and Soi 31 from Monday 29th April to Friday 10th May. Parents as you drop in to the school, please make yourself know to them. They would love to meet as many members of our community as possible.

The classes that have been allocated to the group are:

Soi 20 Campus: 


  • Koalas [Ms Emma with Ms Zoe]

  • Wallabies [Ms Brenda with Ms Claudia]

Year 1: 

  • Pardelotes [Ms Monica with Ms Georgina]


Soi 31 Campus:

Year 2: 

  • Platypus [Mr Steven with Ms Jaime]

  • Bettongs [Ms Amy with Ms Eve]

Year 3: 

  • Pademelons [Ms Caela with Ms Sarah]

  • Crocodiles [Ms Jemima with Ms Mikaela]

Year 4:

  • Black Swans [Ms Briony with Ms Molly]

 Year 5:

  • Numbats [Mr Drew with Ms Sarah]

Year 6:

  • Currawongs [Ms Tammy with Ms Eliza]


Written by Mr Greg Cairnduff - AISB Executive Strategic Advisor 

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