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Summer School 2020 (4th week) - Soi 31 Campus

Updated: May 14, 2021

This week is the concluding week of fun-filled and interesting lessons and activities. Thank you to all the children for their enthusiasm, willingness to try new things, and for their extraordinary effort to follow the new health regulations for the past 4 weeks. It has been a great success all around. Here is a brief look at what the children have been doing this week in Summer School:


This week the students have learnt how to draw a manga head in proportion along with its facial features, expressions and hairstyle!

Ball Games/Outdoor Sports

This week our students engaged in a range of fitness activities and ball games such as mini soccer games and some running games. This allows students to maintain their fitness in a fun and inclusive environment. The Year 3 students had fun playing various team building games. By the end, we were all hot, sweaty, and thirsty. The Year 4 students enjoyed taking part in touch frisbee, rounders, and various team-building games.

Book Club

In Year 3 Book Club, students enjoyed the stories of 'Hansel and Gretel' and 'Charly did it'. Year 4 have been reading the text 'Ali Baba'. The text has proved stimulating and provoked interesting class discussions. Year 5 have been reading the text of 'Believe it or not'. There was stimulating class discussion, with the children communicating their opinions of possible solutions to the mysteries presented. Year 6+ have been reading an informational text about 'Unsolved mysteries'. The children came up with many interesting ideas and possible solutions to these mysteries. The children reflected on the importance of keeping an open mind and having the investigative skills of a scientist.

Book Creator

Year 1 to 4 students had fun completing their short Book Creator stories or information texts and learned how to embed media from the web into their books.  Year 5 students enjoyed working in pairs or individually to finish their Toontastic stories. They then had fun watching them. The Year 6 to 9 students worked hard to complete their Book Creator comics and stories.


Students in Year 1 create a program of monkey’s journey in order to catch bananas and unlock the treasure. The Year 2 classes did Hour-of-code (Minecraft) to create coding solutions that include sequences, loops, and conditionals. Students in Year 3-4 continued with Coding Adventure, an interactive game-based course. The Year 5-9 use a puzzle game where they put blocks in a sequence. The students learn about computer science specifically to program a small bot to make its way through a maze by using ‘if statements’ and ‘while loops’.

Creative Writing

After planning a creative story using a template for their setting, characters, beginning, middle, and end, Year 4 have been writing up their stories with emphasis on detail and interesting vocabulary. Year 5 have been planning a creative story. After outlining their plan and focus of having 'hooks' to engage the reader, they continued forward to write up their short stories.

English/Traditional Tales

During Traditional Tales with Ms Lyn the Year 1 and 2 classes listened to a fairy tale. The students then sketched the character and used details from the story to write about the character's personality. In English, the students listened to a story and completed visualization activities to enhance their understanding of the story being read. The students also actively participated in Brain Gym exercises. 

Hip Hop & Fitness

For this week's Hip Hop class, the students were really happy to perform the 3 dance routines that they've learned. They had a small group dance competition inside the class and took this chance to show off their dancing talent. 

The students engaged with basic Yoga positions. The children were focused and calm during the class and tried their best to perform all the different positions.

Maths Challenge

The Year 1s and 2s have been provided with geo shapes and multilink blocks to complete small and creative challenges, this week the challenge was to create the funniest 3D designs. Some very creative outcomes have been produced in the process.

Maths Investigation

This week students were math detectives as they had to solve various clues in order to work out who the bad superhero was and save Mathhattan.

Maths Through Art This week

the younger students used coloured paper shapes to make a pattern that completely filled their piece of paper. The students had to think carefully about what shapes fit together best. The older children created 3D art by plotting a center point on to paper and then using a ruler to draw lines.

Musical Instruments

This week we learned some new chords and play along with some songs on the ukelele. We hope the kids enjoyed and were inspired by the music!


This week the Year 1 children have been creating origami animals such as a fox and a cat. The children have been enthusiastic and involved with their creations. Year 2 focused on folding techniques to produced origami models such as a penguin and a dog. The children were enthusiastic and followed the origami instructions well. The students were also excited to finish making their origami pyramids and then create their own wall art.

Swimming Training

This week the children focused on freestyle, backstroke, and then breaststroke, refining their skills and technique. The younger children concentrated on the basics and getting their arms and legs working together. They also built up their long-distance endurance.

Water Sports

This week the children played a specially modified version of water polo, taking social distancing into account. They also played lots of polo shooting games in the water.

Textile Art

Students continued their weaving textiles and learnt how to take their weaving off of the cardboard loom.


This week the learners learned the song You Raise Me Up, a song that gives appreciation to the people who are always there to encourage us always to do better in everything that we do. The learners also learned good voice production and good vocal control.

Thai Cooking

In Thai cooking class, the children learned how to make coconut jelly and used molds to make lots of interesting and delicious looking treats!

Thai Games

The children played a game called Pan jing reed deed manao, where they had to cover an eye and try to accurately flick a ball of paper off a bottle. It was much harder than it looks!

This blog was written by various teachers from AISB Soi 31 campus.

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