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Summer School 2020 - Soi 20 Campus

Updated: May 14, 2021

We have now completed our final week of the Soi 20 Campus Summer School Program. Over the past 4 weeks, children have reviewed and enhanced basic skill development in Thai language and culture, creative arts, dance & drama, Science, Literacy, Digital Technology, and physical skills, just to name a few. A variety of activities and approaches to learning have been used by staff to ensure that the learning was exciting, and included hands-on exploration and discovery.

We would like to thank all our Teachers, TAs, and Nannies for their hard work and dedication to the program, and also thank you, the parents and children, for being a part of our school. We are proud to have had you be a part of our school community!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Summer Holiday, and we look forward to welcoming you back in August for the new school year. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions at

Written by Ms. Sheridan - Head of Early Childhood Education (Nursery & Kindergarten)

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