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Student Council Investiture Assembly 2022

On Wednesday, 2nd of November, the Student Council, parents and special guests gathered on the fourth floor of the Highfield Building for the investiture assembly.

An investiture is a ceremony where the new Student Council members are officially inaugurated to become leaders and representatives of the student body.

It was a delight to have our parents welcomed back to school for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

During the ceremony, the Primary and Secondary Student Council members gathered to read out the pledge to symbolize the importance of our duties and for the special guests to understand our purpose as to why we are willing to become part of the Student Council. The Student Council Badges were presented by Ms Laura King to the members of the AISB council.

The Chairperson and Co-Captain from both Secondary and Primary gave speeches about their visions, while I gave a speech regarding recent events that we had accomplished.

AISB Council Leaders

Chairperson of Secondary Council: Pauvanprithvi

Vice Chairperson of Secondary Council: Danila

Primary Co-Captain: Abigail

Primary Co-Captain: Darren

AISB Council Members

  • Aiyara

  • Kaihe

  • Alexandra

  • Chloe

  • Naye

  • Samidh

  • Midori

  • Dominic

  • Nino

  • Nayatara

  • Esai

  • Seon

Student Council Coordinators

Mr.Paul Appleby

Mr. Tom Gagnon

The event was very exciting, and we couldn't help but feel slightly overwhelmed. However, we are prepared and ready to take action to overcome the obstacles ahead.

Special Performances

Written by Danila Hall, Secondary Student Council Co-Chair

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