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Student Council Investiture Ceremony

Members of the AISB community gathered together on Wednesday, the 18th of October, for the student council investiture ceremony. This is an official assembly to acknowledge the elected council members, recite the school pledge and formally hand out our student council badges.

The school recently celebrated a delightful event, during which our elected student representatives were officially inducted. The representatives will play a crucial role in voicing the concerns and ideas of the student body, contributing to the growth and improvement of our school community.

The student council at our school is a group of enthusiastic individuals who are eager to make a positive impact on our school community. These responsible leaders have already demonstrated their ability to take charge and lead with confidence. They have embraced their roles with enthusiasm and have shown great initiative in addressing the needs and concerns of their fellow students. With their dedication and proactive approach, the student council is poised to make a significant difference in enhancing our school environment and fostering a sense of unity among students.

We were delighted to welcome our guest of honour, Ms. Amber Parr, the Agricultural Counselor from the Australian Embassy in Thailand. She captivated the audience with inspiring stories from her own journey as a young leader, offering valuable insights on how our students at AISB can embark on their own leadership paths. Amber also generously shared the challenges she faced as a young leader and talked about how she overcame these. This inspired our future leaders to have no fear, be brave and believe in themselves.

AISB Council members


Alexa Y6 Lorikeets (Co-Captain)

Koto Y6 Curlews

Momona Y6 Lorikeets

Nayantara Y6 Currawongs

Hana Y6 Currawongs

Tommie Y5 Brolgas (Co-Captain)

Hanna Y5 Ospreys

Maddison Y5 Numbats


Danila - Captain

Ema - Vice Captain

Kaihe - Secretary

Kai - Community Outreach organizer

Egor - Council Member

Chlore - Council Member

Dejanesia - Council Member

Enija - Council Member

The AISB primary school choir, led by Mr Tom, and the secondary school band, led by Mr Boon, treated the attendees to excellent musical performances. The event showcased the wealth of talented performers and committed student leaders enrolled in the AISB secondary and primary schools.

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