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Soi 20 Bounce Back Assembly - 21 September 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Our Foundation Koalas did a fantastic job hosting our first assembly for Term 1. The students shared their goals on this month's theme “goal setting” and prepared an excellent presentation.

Welcome message from Laura King, Head of Primary

Foundation Koalas Presentation ((current parents, please check your email for the full presentation)

In Foundation, we have been thinking about goal setting. We have talked about things we would like to be able to do next month, even next year!

We have been sharing ideas and ways that we can achieve our goals and learn new things.

We read the story Giraffes Can’t Dance and talked about the power of yet!

We can do anything with a little help from our friends!

We wrote about things we can do and things we can’t do yet, but we are working on!

We worked together to think about a mindset that would help us achieve our goals. We decided to have a good attitude, to work together, try new things, and to stay focused. Sometimes we can get frustrated or angry, but we can take a deep breath and try again.

You might not be able to do it YET, but one day you will!!

Prepared by Ms Cassandra, Foundation Koalas teacher

Recipients - Effort for Learning Award

Foundation Koalas

  1. Ina

  2. Ryouma

Foundation Dingoes

  1. Yumeth

  2. Taymiyyah

Foundation Potoroos

  1. Gen

  2. Tom

Year 1 Echidnas

  1. Isaac

  2. Aarush

Year 1 Pardalotes

  1. Jade

  2. Alina

Recipients - Bounce Back Awards

Foundation Koalas

  1. Anvika

  2. Charlotte

Foundation Dingoes

  1. Audrey

  2. Ellie

Foundation Potoroos

  1. Abhiraj

  2. Moah

Year 1 Echidnas

  1. Anyaphat

  2. Aushan

Year 1 Pardalotes

  1. Sebastian

  2. Kizuna

Congratulations to all the students who received either 'Effort in Learning' certificates or Bounce Back, "GOAL SETTING" awards. They all earn points for their House which go towards the “Spirit of AISB” trophy at the end of each school year.

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