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Outstanding IGCSE & A Level Examinations Results

Written by Mr Neil Robinson - Head of Secondary

I am delighted to announce that our Year 10 & 12 students have achieved an outstanding set of Cambridge IGCSE/A Level Results in their June Examinations.

These examinations are a culmination of 2 years of hard work and commitment for our IGCSE and A Level Students, and 1 year in depth study for our AS Level student. They are of course international, and standardised across over 160 countries globally, so they are challenging and rigorous for the students.

Here is a summary of our students' key achievements this year:

IGCSE Results

  • 100% Pass rate

  • 79% of Grades at A* to B Grade

  • 62% of Grades at A* to A Grade

  • 50% of our students achieving results of A* to B Grades

Outstanding IGCSE Subject Achievements

  • English First Language - All students received A*

  • Design & Technology - All students received A*

  • Global Perspectives - All students received A*

A Level Results

  • 100% Pass rate

  • 100% of Grades at A* to C Grades

A special mention must go to our top performing students:

Amber Scott who achieved 100% A* to B grades in all of her IGCSE subjects.

  • 4 A* Grades

  • 1 A Grade

  • 1 B Grade

Isa Nishida who achieved 100% A* to B grades in all of her IGCSE subjects.

  • 2 A* Grades

  • 3 A Grade

  • 1 B Grade

Benito Bilal who achieved 100% A* to C grades across his A Level studies.

A massive congratulations to all of our Year 10 and 12 Students, and their amazing teachers.

These results are all the more outstanding in the context that this set of students have endured the most disrupted 2 years of education, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, it goes without saying that I am absolutely delighted to see the resilience that our students have shown to achieve an exceptional high grade passes across all IGCSE and A Level subjects.

Congratulations goes to all our students and their teachers, they deserve the accolades. They have continued the high achievements set by last year’s AISB Year 10 & 11 cohorts.

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