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Careers Fair-Secondary School

Written by Allison Levine, School Counselor

It was a lively Monday and Tuesday for the students to make plans for their future. On Monday students got to hear from schools and organizations from around the globe, both in-person and on Zoom to speak to the students about the numerous opportunities for their future. The students gathered on the fourth floor excitedly to hear speakers from such places as Japan, Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, and right here in Thailand.

We had lively and informative speakers from such universities as Binghamton, Arizona State, Chulalongkorn, La Trobe, Kyoto, and the University of Arts. Students got to get a taste of their possible future careers from such speakers as our guests chrome CTEK by APRTECH, Shannon White, the Red Cross, and Dr. Donna from MedConsult Clinic.

On Tuesday students got to join with their parents to discuss with AISB teachers their various course choices for next year, and how it might relate to possible college and career choices. The students and parents heard information from the various teachers about courses such as; Art and Design, Maths, Biology, Physics. Music, Geography, and Business.

The Careers Fair was a truly exciting experience for both the guests and the students. Some of the guests have already reached out and volunteered to speak at future events at AISB.

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