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Amazing Spring Concert - March 2022

Updated: May 17, 2022

Our Spring Concert this year showcased incredible talent from every student at AISB. From hip hop dances to choral arrangements and ukulele ensembles, the enormous effort our students put in to practice throughout the term resulted in an amazing performance.

School performances play a significant role in our student experience at AISB. The opportunity for students to practice, rehearse and perform in front of others helps to develop important skills as they go through life including: confidence, collaboration and perseverance. Despite the challenges faced throughout the pandemic over the past 2 years, we are so grateful that our students still had the opportunity to perform this year and understood the true meaning of "the show must go on".

This year, our Spring Concert was presented to our families as a pre-recorded concert show. Our Primary students recorded their fantastic performances at the Highfield Building - Multi-Purpose Space with the uSmile team.

This event would not have been possible without the dedication from our students, teachers and school leaders. We wish to thank everybody who helped create an incredible performance. A huge thanks to Mr Boon and Mr Jonathan. our music teachers, for organising the event. Their efforts resulted in a truly exceptional concert this year.

We also would like to thank our volunteer parents for their efforts in designing and creating costumes for the concert.

This term, our students are excited to start learning new musical piece and look forward to sharing this with you soon!

See below for amazing photos of our spring concert:

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