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2023 Annual AISB Readathon

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

The AISB Readathon is an annual event that promotes reading and raises funds for charity. This year's Readathon was a great success, with 75,390 baht raised for the Bookworm Foundation.

During the Readathon, students participated in various events, including a Book Character Dress-Up Day, Pyjama Day, and a Book Tasting event for our secondary students. The Readathon also included a Teddy Bear’s Picnic for the Soi 20 students.

We received a heartfelt message from Ms. Yoshimi, the founder of the Bookworm Foundation, expressing her gratitude for AISB's support. It's wonderful to know that our efforts have made a positive impact on the lives of children who lack access to books.

These events were a fun way to encourage reading and help students develop a love for literature. They also foster a sense of community and allow students to showcase their creativity.

Thank you to our AISB families who supported the Bookworm Foundation through raising funds. All of this hard work across our school has made a significant impact on the lives of other children.

In conclusion, the annual Readathon is a fantastic initiative that promotes literacy and giving back to those in need. The various events and activities are a great way to encourage reading and build a sense of community amongst our students.

We look forward to next year's Readathon!

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