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2022 Annual AISB Readathon

The annual A.I.S.B. Readathon is a fun, educational way for the children to discover a love for literacy whilst raising much-needed money for those who are less fortunate than us.

Literacy is a lot about reading, but it also involves listening, imagining, discussing, sharing, speaking, playing with language and very importantly; enjoyment!

A love for books and reading is the BEST foundation that we can give to our children in their early years. Readathon will also build a real sense of community spirit as we work together to READ, to RAISE money and to REALISE the pleasure and joy of reading- alone and together.

Congratulations to all of our Readathon prize winners in Years 1-6 for being our highest fundraisers. Ms. Yoshimi was happy to present a prize to each of the students and to also add their name on to their certificates in Braille.

We were very pleased to inform Ms. Yoshimi that AISB raised a total of 73,943.25 Baht for her Bookworm Foundation. She was so very appreciative! What an amazing achievement.

This is a video of Ms. Yoshimi answering some of our students’ questions about the Bookworm Foundation.

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