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Year 9 and 10 Art and Design Excursion

Updated: 21 hours ago

The Year 9 and 10 Art and Design students recently travelled to the Bangkok Art &

Culture Centre to see the main exhibition, ‘The 9th White Elephant Art Award Exhibition – The Land of the Smiles’.

The purpose of this visit was for students to broaden their understanding on how artists can interpret the same theme but in different ways. They saw how various techniques, mediums and processes are used to make the artworks on display, took photographs to document their inspirations and also drew from observation. It was a great opportunity for our art students to gain inspiration and insight when completing their own IGCSE projects.

Here is a reflection report written by Naraya, a Y-9 student.

My experience at BACC helped me to understand and learn the different ways that an idea can be adapted into a piece of art. After the visit, I felt inspired to develop my art skills so that one day I can hopefully create art like the ones in this gallery. 

I chose this piece of art as my favourite because it was very unique and fit with my theme of 'Natural Forms'. It looked like the artist painted a landscape with different types of strokes that made the painting feel almost ethereal which is why I felt it suited the theme 'Natural Forms' well. 

The students were asked to make observational drawings of the artworks and work into them with other drawing materials over the weekend.

Naraya's drawing

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