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Why is it important for students to attend school remotely?

Written by Brenton Hall, AISB School Director

Many parents weigh up whether they should “send their children to school” during remote learning as it involves prolonged screen time, it often requires parents to be there to support their children, some children find it difficult to maintain their focus and some do not find it as supportive as being physically in the classroom.

However, Remote Learning is certainly far more effective than no teaching and no classroom interactions with peers or teachers, especially for prolonged periods of time.

Key Benefits of Attending School Remotely

1. Daily Routines & Structure: Children need routines, a feeling of normalcy, particularly during unsettled times such as this pandemic and a sense of belonging. School provides routines and structures through regular scheduled online lessons and interactions.

2. Sense of Belonging Through Social Interactions: Being a part of a school and a class and maintaining the contact with school and classmates gives a sense of belonging and identity beyond the family structure. This helps limit the negative emotional effect of the pandemic.

3. Curriculum Sequence and Transition Back to School: It is essential students are taught the structured curriculum in the correct sequence. Remote Learning ensures the curriculum sequence is followed and avoids gaps in their development, making it easier for children to transition back to the classroom when they return to school.

4. Digital Skills for the Future: The skills of online learning are skills children will need to master for university and the world we will live in. The workplace of the future (and indeed today) will also undoubtably include working remotely through online and videoconferencing.

5. Long Term Academic and Cognitive Development: Maintaining the regular pattern of learning and reinforcement through exercises, structured activities and support is critical to a child’s long term academic development. Research has shown that children who develop close relationships with their teachers develop higher language, literacy, cognitive and social abilities. Thus having a caring teacher and structured support sessions greatly assists a child’s academic development as well as giving them comfort, thus reducing their stress and anxiety levels.

We understand that some children will require additional adult assistance with technology and the planned activities, however, we encourage parents to embrace this unique opportunity to become engaged in your child’s learning as we anticipate our return to school. For additional support throughout our remote learning program, please contact your classroom teacher directly.

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