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Summer School 2021 (3rd week) - Soi 31 campus

The children have continued to work hard, participate well and embrace the spirit of Summer School.

Here are some of the activities children have been taking part in this week:

Arts & Crafts

This week in Art we created paper owl craft (Year 1), snakes and ladders (Year 2) and mandalas (Year 3). We discussed what other materials could be used to make owls, how to create your own tokens and dice to play snakes and ladders, and what a mandala is and how we could use it. For example, creating coasters with mandala craft.


This week in Art, we learned about using patterns to create an aesthetically pleasing handprint. We traced our hands and drew divided sections. We all had our choice of the design to draw in each area of the hand. The kids came up with many unique and whimsical ideas for patterns such as lightning, ants, moons, sprinkles, smiley faces, clouds, math objects, and items found in popular video games.

Book Club

We read about the Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig. Throughout the story, we discussed times we haven’t been included in activities or at school. Each class thought of ways this may have happened intentionally or unintentionally and how in the future we can instead care for one another and make our peers feel seen.

Creative Writing

Students participated in an activity called Show, Don’t Tell. This activity provides a sentence for the students to elaborate and extend upon by adding more details. After the activity, students were given the opportunity to create their own narrative by giving a story to continue on with their own details.

Comic Creator

Students first received an introduction to when comics were first published in the 1930’s. After going through the key components of a comic, students had the opportunity to create their own cartoon characters and facial expressions. Years 4-6 and Years 7-10 were then given the opportunity to create their own comic strip using a provided prompt and their own imagination to create.


In Week 3, students from Years 4-10 learned the language of persuasion to argue and consider alternative views on a variety of topics.


Year 2 has been exploring and finding solutions to the given puzzles using an Ozobot simulator. They used Ozoblockly language and drag-drop editor to write programs wherein the Ozobot traces the shape.

Year 5 and 6 have completed their first animation project on Scratch. The student had to use different backdrops and letters sprite and move along the stage with sound effects.

Drama Games

Students were first shown a scene from Whose Line is it Anyway? focusing on improv and using props in their performances. Students participated in the art of improv by providing scenarios for class. A Picker Wheel with choices was spun and students were to act out the scenario in class.


Similar to last week, students were able to engage in a variety of different fun fitness activities to get their heart rate up and body moving. Some activities included Zumba, AMRAP traditional fitness moves, and Yoga. We included a mindfulness session in our lesson so students could slow down their heart rates and be fully present.

Hip Hop

The kids were preparing for another set of live dance performances for next week. They focused on practicing the dance steps and I can’t wait to see them perform. Good luck!

Mystery Science

We learnt about why people are scared of bugs and became a little less scared of bugs.

We then made centipedes out of paper if you would like to do the activity again and click the link

Maths Games

For Math Games, we played a Jeopardy style game where students competed in teams against one another. A variety of mathematical skills were tested including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Problem Solving

Students were given a conundrum in which there was no certain answer to. They defended their thinking by explaining why that option was the best choice. Students also solved riddles and used logical thinking to solve other problems.


Year 1 and 2

Healing imagery is a way to use one’s imagination in a focused way to help the mind and body to self-heal, perform and recuperate on both a physical and emotional level. To learn a state of “quiet” enables children to connect with their self-healing abilities, to strengthen their self-esteem and to enjoy their own imaginations at the same time.

Dr Seuss

We read Dr Seuss’ Bartholomew and The Oobleck and made our own Oobleck! We decided that the king’s idea to have Oobleck rain down would be sticky and disastrous!

Thai Craft

This week, students learnt the plant seed germination and then they made a craft from seeds and other dried food materials.

Thai Language

This week the children learned about Thai banknotes and coins. They had fun playing a shopping game with the teacher.

Thai Songs

For this week’s Thai song class, students learnt about fruit song, knowing the name of fruit in Thai and they had fun dancing with fruit song.


Year 1 and 2

General knowledge Quiz

This was a first time for some Year 1 students to participate in a Kahoot and they really enjoyed it. Congratulations to all our winners and well done to everyone for trying!


7 yoga poses that will support & strengthen your core; chair pose, table top pose, boat pose, bridge pose, wheel pose, plow pose and bow pose.


We read Arnie The Doughnut as a class. Students had to use sequence words to describe how a doughnut is made. Then they turned their sentences into a procedure poster.


For this week, we learned more about the structure of the chess board and movements of each chess piece. Then, to recall the basic principles discussed, the class were encouraged to sing the song “Let’s learn chess.”

We also proceed with learning some special moves and how a chess game ends with ‘check,’ ‘checkmate,’ and ‘stalemate.’

Podcast Creating

Students learned the basics about podcasts and the various ways they can be recorded. Students discussed the various topics they can record a podcast about and were introduced to tips and tricks they can use when creating their own podcasts!


Students used their creativity to create online 3D lego models. They could save their work and keep building even when summer school is over!


Students learned about tessellations of 2D shapes in GeoGebra Geometry and created their own work in the online program.

Logic Puzzles

Students worked through a set of clues with the teacher and each other to answer a logic puzzle using their deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills.

In The News

The Year 4s and 5s watched a recent news story about a flying car making its first successful inter-city flight in Slovakia last week. We had a whole class discussion and then broke into small groups to consider safety, advantages and disadvantages of having a flying car and potential changes to day-to-day life.

Written by various teachers at Soi 31 campus

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