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Student Council Investiture 2022

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The investiture of our AISB Student Council took place on 4 February 2022.

This is an official assembly to acknowledge the elected council members, recite the school pledge and formally hand out our student council badges.

It was a lovely occasion where the school witnessed the induction of our elected student representative who will serve as the voice of the student body and help share ideas to enhance and develop our school community.

Gloy Tuchinda, associate manager from Accenture, was our guest speaker for the event. She shared stories from her experiences as a young leader and how our students at AISB can kickstart their own leadership journey. Gloy also shared the top 3 lessons in leadership that she wish she had known back at school:

1. Leadership is like a muscle - you need to actively grab opportunities that come your way to continually train and build up your leadership muscles

2. Leadership is hard. During the tough times you will need to be brave, power through and you’ll come out the other side even stronger than you were before.

3. There is no one size fits all leadership style - use this time in your lives to learn from other leaders and pick and choose the best parts of their leadership style to create the leader you want to become.

Our audience were actively engaged throughout the presentation and asked our guest speaker many questions during the assembly.

AISB Council members

Co-Chairs: Benito Yr 12 and Naye Year 5

Vice chair: Egor








Thank you to Mr Neil, Ms Rosanne and Ms Lauren for organising and leading the Council.

We wish our newly elected student representatives all the very best in creating an amazing school culture and community that we can all be proud of.

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