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Soi 31 Summer School 2021 (Week 4)

Our last week of Summer School

Summer School is officially over! A big thank you to all the families that participated in the online format of Summer School this year. Ideally, we would have preferred to be face to face but the children really seemed to enjoy the variety of activities that our teachers offered.

Here are some of the activities children have been taking part in this week:

Arts & Crafts

This week, the Year 1’s created miniature houses with recycled materials. The Year 2’s made a ring toss game also using recycled materials and the Year 3’s created personalised name art.


This week, we engaged in a modern art activity called cubism. In this activity, we drew faces that can be seen from different angles; The profile of the face and the front of the face.

Book Club

Book club this week we read I Walk With Vanessa by Kerascoet. The story has no words however uses color and expression to tell the story. At the end of the lesson, we used the annotation tool to create a shared Venn diagram comparing and contrasting this week’s book from last week’s The Invisible Boy.

Creative Writing

Students participated in an activity to create their own similes and metaphors they can use in their own poetry. After a quick refresher of figurative language, students were to create their own color poem using the five senses to share in class.

Comic Creator

Students in the class were shown how beginning animation was created to make the effect of 3-Dimensional in cartoons. After a brief discussion and a “Comic of the Day” presentation, students were given a set dialog to create their own comic strip using the techniques they have learned the previous week.

Debate / In The News

This week, we considered whether the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 should be postponed another year due to the pandemic. After having a whole class discussion, we broke out into small groups to argue the viewpoints of the athletes, the people living in Japan and the Olympic Committee, and then we came back to share with the whole class.


The Year 3A students have successfully completed their coding challenges by inputting an on-screen turtle instruction to achieve the desired outcome.

Drama Games

Students participated in an exercise called What Do You Meme? Kids are shown famous Memes and will provide dialog to these pictures for entertainment. We had some quick witted students this week!


Students were able to engage in a variety of different fun fitness activities to get their heart rate up and body moving. Some activities included Zumba, AMRAP traditional fitness moves, and Yoga. We included a mindfulness session into our lesson so students could slow down their heart rates and be fully present.

Hip Hop

The students were amazing during their live final performance. They came prepared by wearing their favorite hip hop outfit and excited to perform.

Mystery Science

Students explored the life of a caterpillar as they look completely different from the juvenile stage to their adult life stage. Students examined how caterpillars grow and change throughout their life and then used what they learned to create a card for someone special in their own life.

Maths Games

For Math Games, we students played a Jeopardy-style game to answer various questions related to mathematics. Students were also introduced to online games they can play in their free time against one another or to brush up with their math skills on their own time.

Problem Solving

Students this week thought about another conundrum in which they had to pick the best leader out of a group of astronauts going on a mission to space. We also read a story called “Jabari Jumps” and students came up with solutions to help solve Jabari’s problem based on their own ideas and experiences.


What is imagery? Simply, imagery is thought. For example, the thought or image of a certain person at work can provoke a feeling of happiness, humour, anger or fear. You feel these emotions, and in your mind’s eye, you begin to respond to those feelings. In this process you elicit images from within (the mind) and interact with these images through the senses (the body). Now picture how children process the world around them, how much of their everyday existence is experienced through the imagination.

Dr Seuss

This week we read There’s a Wocket in my Pocket y Dr. Seuss. After reading and recognizing the made up creatures Dr. Seuss created by rhyming with household items, we made our own pages to continue the story. Students used the sentence frame “Sometimes I feel there is a _____ in my _____. That _____ in my _____ I could not live without”.

Thai Language

For this week Thai language class students learned about daily routines vocabulary. They have been practicing to pronounce the words in Thai that it is useful to use in real life and they had fun playing a bingo game.

Thai Songs

In this week Thai song class, students learnt 'Hippo' song. The lyrics of the song includes vocabulary about facts of hippo’s. They paid attention to the class and also did some dance exercises together while singing.


Questions this week covered many topics. Well done to all for participating and doing their best in our general knowledge quiz this week. Congratulations to all our winners!


This week we read Please Please The Bees by Gerald Kelley. The children learnt about the importance of appreciating what other people do for you. If you don’t appreciate the kindness of others then people will stop being kind to you. After reading the book we completed a drawing of the main character.


To apply what they have learned, this week, the students played against each other using their lichess account. Those who didn't have a lichess account were tasked to solve a number of puzzles.

Foundation 1, 2, kinder and year 1 sung a chess related song to help them remember what they have learned.

Podcast Creating

Students were introduced to “Spreaker” which is an online platform that allows users to create their own audio recordings and their very own podcasts! Students also thought about interviewing someone from history and the questions they would ask that person.


Check out Bailey’s Hunger Games opening scene recreated in MecaBricks (top). Grace continued building her fortress from last week, and equally impressive was David’s Batmobile. He took on the challenge of building something using the ‘wheels’ tool.


This week in summer school, students continued their work on

tessellations by rotation in GeoGebra.

Logic Puzzles

Students learned about renewable energy during this week’s lesson in Logic Puzzles as they matched speakers to their presentations on renewable energy.


Students learn singing several songs with some dynamic markings. Playing some music game was fun and at the same time we learn something new and to be assertive too.


During the last week of Yoga classes, we enjoyed building energy together by practicing sun salutations.

Written by various teachers at Soi 31 campus

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