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Soi 20 Summer School 2021

We are so proud of how the children have engaged in a wide variety of fun and educational activities throughout our program.

A big thank you to parents and families for your continued support and involvement.

Here are some of the activities the children have been taking part in over the four weeks:

Craft Making

STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics

During our Summer School programme , students got creating, building, developing and engineering various skills used across all year groups.

Nursery - Storybook Art

Nursery 1 and 2 created art inspired by stories such as Old Macdonald had a farm, and Goodnight moon.


During Summer school, Nursery to Year 1 engaged in a variety of creative activities. Including making musical instruments, finding objects around the house that make certain sounds and students learned to use their voices in four different ways; “My whisper voice, my talking voice, my singing voice and my shouting voice.”

Music Year 1

Students learn singing several songs with some dynamic markings. Playing some music game was fun and at the same time we learn something new and to be assertive too.

Drama - Block 1

During Block 1 of Summer school, learners engaged in games where they had to create their own mime and completed a poem recite “Knite n Amour”.

Drama - Block 2

During Block 2, learners in Foundation and Year 1 had to create their own puppets using a variety of materials from home. They then created their own puppet show. They also hosted a digital talent show, where they had a chance to show off their variety of talent. Talents included roller blading, singing, dancing football, mathematics, minecraft and building legos. You go superstars!


During fitness with Mr Oh and Mr Ed, learners from Nursery to Year 1 engaged in a variety of activities that included stretching, jumping, hopping and running. These activities were aimed at developing gross motor skills. Fun games such as fitness Bingo , were used to develop perceptual skills, as well as hand eye coordination.

Science club

Nursery to Year 1 put their science coats on and got experimenting. From fizzy dough. Rain clouds, lava lamps, volcanic eruptions,

Mindful mini’s

During Mindful mini’s learners practiced breathing techniques, along with affirmations. They also created glitter jars to remind us that when we are feeling difficult emotions, we can sit and breathe and use our jars to help us stay calm and think clearly.

Mindful mini’s - The World Made a Rainbow

The World Made a Rainbow is a book by Michelle Robinson and is about a little girl who is stuck at home with her family because of lockdown. During our mindful mini’s session we listened to the story and many of us could relate by missing our friends and family. Kindergarten to Year 1 each made a colour rainbow and said what they were grateful for.


Foundation and Year 1 students learnt how to code, creating their own animation. In week 2, students used commands to help move their panda robot around.

Cooking class

All the students thoroughly enjoyed cooking and baking during our Summer school programme. We definitely have some future chefs among us. Some of the dishes that were made were pizza, smoothie bowls, and cake in a mug.


*Yoga is not just for adults! In fact, it can give children very important life skills that can help them succeed in the world.


The students learned more about the structure of the chessboard and the movements of each chess piece. Then, the class was encouraged to sing the song “Let’s learn chess.”

They also proceed with learning some special moves and how a chess game ends with ‘check,’ ‘checkmate,’ and ‘stalemate.’

To apply what they have learned, the students played against each other using their lichess account. Those who don't have a lichess account were tasked to solve a number of puzzles.

Written by various teachers at Soi 20 campus

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