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Kindergarten Wallabies Blog - 24 November

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Written by Ms Francesca, Kindergarten teacher

For the past few weeks, our Kindergarteners have been delving into learning about how Living Things grow in our inquiry 'What do Living Things need to live?'

We have partaken in a variety of meaningful experiences to differentiate between living and nonliving things and to experiment on how these Living Things grow. It has been especially fun watching our Kindergarteners link Living Things to themselves and be able to articulate how they grow and gain energy and nutrition through food, water, exercise, and a healthy and happy lifestyle.

We also were able to link this to our outdoor environment by appreciating and watering the campus plants during outdoor playtime as well as growing impressive sprouts from seeds, watching them grow every day in our classrooms.

These sprouts went home with our students and will be taken care of independently by them so that they can watch them grow just like we do with each one of our students.

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