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Foundation - Online Home Learning Program

Written by AISB Foundation teachers

The children in Foundation have been working extremely hard at learning their letter sounds. They were Racing Readers this week. They pushed the different buttons as they segmented and blended the different words. Our word bank is continuously growing and we are now able to read many different words. Everyone in Foundation should be so proud of how hard they are working!

In the Foundation Koalas classroom, we have been learning about numbers to 10. After sharing some number stories, the students created their own number books. They were mindful of the fact that numbers can be represented by pictures, written as numerals and also by number words

This week, the Dingoes completed their Uluru (Ayers Rock) Dioramas. The students focused on creating Aboriginal Art using dot and line patterns. Their projects included a sun using these patterns and were finalised by adding sand to Uluru. Soon we will have an exciting exhibition of the student’s creative artwork!

The Potoroo Foundation students discussed the importance of family, identified key features that make their loved ones special, and created drawings to demonstrate their understanding.

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