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Director Awards Assembly

To conclude our school year we invited our wonderful families to view our Director's Awards Assembly presentation sent via email.

This assembly is designed to celebrate the academic achievement of our students. Covid 19 has thrown up plenty of challenges in education this year, which makes the accomplishments of our students even more meritorious.

Welcome message from Mr Brenton Hall

Ms Laura King, Deputy Head for Primary and Leader Soi 20

Mr Neil Robinson, Head of Secondary

Congratulations to all award winners.

To our families, kindly view the complete list of awardees via link sent to your email.

The Spirit of AISB House Shield

At AISB the house system provides opportunities for students to meet in cross grade groups to build school tradition and school spirit; a sense of teamwork through various whole school activities.

This year, the students at Soi 20 are also involved in the house competition. There are now two Spirit of AISB shields displayed on each campus. This is the first year for the Soi 20 campus to have its own Spirit of AISB Shield.

The shields are made from Australian timber - the rare Tasmanian Huon Pine.

The Spirit of AISB House Shield is presented at the End of Year Assembly. The Shield goes to House that has gained the highest numbers points in the current academic year.

There are six houses at AISB each named after an Australia Tree or flower.

Soi 20 campus: The winning house is Eucalyptus.

Soi 31 campus: The winning houses are Eucalyptus and Acacia.

Congratulations on winning this prestigious award!

Farewell from Ms Gail


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