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Kindergarten Healthy Bodies Enquiry

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Written by Shelby Aomjan, Kindergarten Teacher and Syndicate Coordinator

In Term 1 our Kindergarten children participate in a Healthy Bodies inquiry. Throughout the inquiry children explore ways of keeping their bodies safe in the sun, hygiene routines such as brushing their teeth and washing hands, different parts of the body and foods we eat.

The Quolls class are able to identify the different kinds of foods they like to eat, such as a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as treats which are to be enjoyed sometimes. As children had shown such interest in sharing which types of foods they like to eat, 'cooking' them in the play kitchen and serving them to their peers, they participated in a hands-on experience to further explore. The children were able to observe the skins, peels, stems and seeds of foods they eat often, identifying different parts of a plant, and those parts which they may not always see before they eat.

Children were then encouraged to stamp and roll with the fruits and vegetables, noticing the patterns and shapes that they created. The Quolls participated with enthusiasm and shared their observations with staff, noting "This is sticky", "That one is a circle", and "Oh no a leaf fell off". The children’s creative painting has now been displayed in the classroom where they can continue to notice the different shapes, patterns and textures the foods created on the paper, revisiting their learning and sharing their creations with others.

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