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InitiaLit Parent Workshop

AISB is excited to share that we've introduced the InitiaLit Foundation to Year 2 Literacy program, aimed at helping all our students build strong foundations in reading, writing, and spelling.

InitiaLit is a research-based program which has shown positive results in helping children become successful readers and writers. It is a three-year program, covering the first three years of school (Foundation to Year 2).

InitiaLit addresses reading, spelling and writing by:

  • Actively teaching the relationships between sounds and letters

  • Building vocabulary and comprehension skills through quality children’s books

  • Giving children lots of practice in reading, handwriting, spelling and writing activities

Just last week, we hosted special workshops for parents, and it was an absolute pleasure! These workshops were designed to empower parents in supporting their child's reading, writing, and spelling journey at home.

During these workshops, parents had the chance to dive into the exciting world of how children learn to read, using the key components of the InitiaLit program: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling. In addition, we made the workshops interactive by involving parents in hands-on activities that demonstrated how they can apply these components in an exciting way at home.

To all the parents who joined us for these sessions, thank you! Your presence and enthusiasm were truly appreciated. We hope you left the workshops with a toolkit of strategies and knowledge on how to support your child's literacy development.

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