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Foundation Blog - 26 November

Written by Foundation teachers

Our Bounce Back theme this month was courage. We discussed times when we have been scared and how we showed courage to overcome our fears. We then read a story about a courageous lion who realised it is okay to be scared sometimes. This little lion found the courage inside him to tackle his fear. The children then created their own little lion to help remind us to be courageous.

We talked about bravery and courage in the face of a challenge. Students shared some of their worries and fears and we worked on strategies to face our fears. We created this month’s Bounce Back Assembly together and were proud of our accomplishments and how well we worked together.

Ms Ashley’s remote learners had a blast creating their own iced krathongs and discussing the importance of Loy Krathong. The students shared the worries they planned to float down the water and the wishes they hoped for in their new, exciting beginning.

In Foundation Dingoes Class the children have been practising our jolly phonics song from memory and without the music! We have really enjoyed practising the sounds and the actions!

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