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AISB Kitchen Staff Training Workshop

Our AISB kitchen staff recently attended a special training workshop hosted by professional school nutritionists, aimed at improving our school meals and creating an enhanced dining experience for students.

The session included professional development of our kitchen staff to ensure they remain well-informed about the latest culinary trends, nutritional insights, and food safety guidelines.

The primary objective was to equip the staff with fresh skills, knowledge, and innovative ideas to enhance menus and food service.

The workshop was thoughtfully designed to cover a wide array of topics, including:

1. Basic Nutrition

  • Nutrients

  • Dietary requirements based on student age groups

  • Food exchanges

  • Nutrition Facts

2. Food Service

  • Menus cycling

  • Food safety and sanitation practices

  • Canteen environment

Nutrition experts were invited to enlighten the staff on the importance of balanced diets, the significance of incorporating diverse food groups, and tailoring meals to accommodate varying dietary needs.

Through interactive sessions, the kitchen staff acquired the skill of crafting appealing menus that not only offer nutrition but also captivate the palates of young students.

The workshop utilized practical activities to infuse an element of fun into learning. Kitchen staff collaborated in teams, sharing ideas and exploring new approaches. This collaborative effort fostered creativity and injected enthusiasm into the training.

The workshop delved beyond the realm of cooking, encompassing aspects of food service such as portion sizing, presentation, and techniques for creating a welcoming and joyful dining environment for students. Staff members gained insights into making the dining area student-friendly, thereby ensuring a positive mealtime experience.

By equipping the kitchen staff with fresh skills and knowledge, the school ensures that its students receive the essential nourishment for both academic and personal growth.

We are looking forward to launching our new menus in the new school year.

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