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Innovation Center Celebration 2023

This week marked a special occasion at the Innovation Centre, as each year level visited on designated days for a morning filled with activities in Design Technology, Media Arts, Digital Technology, and Art and Design—all centered around the theme of light.

In Visual Art and Design, students had fun using ultraviolet paint to create paintings that lit up under UV light.

In Media Arts, students did shadow drawings, exploring light and shadow using various objects. They changed the angle and distance of the light source to see how shadows transformed.

For Design Technologies, students got creative making shadow puppets. They looked at different puppet styles from around the world for inspiration. Some added cutouts inside their puppets, while others designed parts for movement. The fun part? Performing with their puppets.

In Digital Technology, they mastered the control of Sphero robots, experimented with changing colors and honing their skills in sequencing instructions. Navigating the robot through simple mazes provided a hands-on and engaging experience in the world of digital innovation.

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