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AISB Hosts Friendly Basketball Tournament with Ascot International, Anglo Singapore, and Norwich

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Written by Timothy Byrne

On Saturday 10th June AISB hosted a friendly basketball tournament with Ascot International, Anglo Singapore and Norwich attending. The weather looked like it was going to play a big part but after trying to rain for most of the warm up we were able to get underway with AISB facing off against Norwich in the first game.

AISB played well and showed that they are beginning to develop as a team as they demonstrated cohesive teamwork and went after loose ball.

It was a very close game with AISB taking the win. The second game between Ascot and Anglo Singapore was when the rains decided to make an appearance. Although the rain was short it still required a small pause in order to get the court dried and ready to play again.

After a short break play resumed with all the other games scheduled being played. In the final game of the morning AISB took on Anglo Singapore and the game was incredibly close throughout the whole match. They played incredibly well and showcased how far they have come as a team in a short period of time.

A big thank you to the parents that came out and supported the team and to coaches Rob and Boggie who once again demonstrated how a good coach can care for their players as well as encourage them to give their all.

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