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AISB Basketball Squads Friendly Tournament

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Written by Mr. Andre, Head of Sports

On Saturday the 23rd of September, AISB played host to an enthralling friendly basketball tournament. The tournament featured spirited matches between AISB, Norwich and MISB.

The AISB basketball squads exhibited exemplary sportsmanship, showcasing their skills and teamwork with vigor and enthusiasm. Each squad member displayed remarkable dedication and determination on the court, embodying the true spirit of the game. The friendly competition allowed the players to test their abilities, refine their strategies, and build essential qualities of discipline and resilience in preparation for the upcoming tournament at BASIS on Sunday 1 October.

The matches were characterized by intense action and spirited performances from all participating teams. The AISB basketball squads demonstrated their prowess, agility, and strategic prowess, winning the hearts of the spectators and the respect of their opponents.

The AISB community would like to express their gratitude to Norwich and MISB for their participation and contribution to a memorable event. The friendly tournament served as a platform for cultural exchange, fostering new friendships, and strengthening the spirit of sportsmanship among the players.

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