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Our Curriculum

Kindergarten classes cater for children aged 3 to 4 years of age. Kindergarten is the transition year between early education and the primary program. Our Kindergarten program is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and provides a rich and engaging child-centred environment where children’s learning is embedded in play experiences. Learning activities are planned through inquiry units and a skills-based Pre-Literacy Program for children to build skills, knowledge and understanding in the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, mathematical, language and communication domains.

Kindergarten: About Us


In Kindergarten, children continue to build a strong sense of identity and connectedness to their world. There is a focus on wellbeing, linked with resilience, providing children with opportunities to manage change and to respond to challenges in a positive, supportive environment, building their confidence and optimism.

Active learning in Kindergarten fosters curiosity, problem-solving, creative thinking and investigation processes. The development of language, literacy and numeracy is essential. Exploring and engaging with literacy through reading, viewing, listening, writing, speaking and creating in personally meaningful ways supports kindergarten children to become effective communicators. Similarly, they begin to appreciate and develop skills in numeracy – the capacity and confidence to use mathematics in everyday situations.



Together with their homeroom program specialist classes provide further opportunities to develop the breadth and depth of the students’ skills and understandings in Kindergarten. Kindergarten children continue to engage in Library, Music, Swimming and the Perceptual Motor Program. Thai Language and Culture is introduced by the Specialist Early Years Thai Teacher.

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Families receive regular communication from the home teacher about their child’s program and progress. You are encouraged to be active partners in your child’s educational journey. Families are encouraged to participate in a wide range of celebratory events.

Kindergarten: Activities
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