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  • Sports Day 2022

    Written by Mr Andre Du Toit, Head of Sport, PE & Aquatics We have successfully completed our sports week for Primary and Soi 20 classes. The sports week kicked off with a fun-filled day of games and activities set up by the sports staff for our Foundation and Kindergarten students. The activities challenged the student's agility, speed, balance and hand-eye coordination abilities. Our year 1 & 2 sports days followed over the next two school days where for the first time since Covid-19 hit, they were able to represent their houses by participating in houses and wearing their house colours. Students took part in 6 different activities on a rotational basis where they could score points for their houses. Activities included an obstacle course, water fill, egg & spoon, target shoot, bean bag toss & standing jump. For the remainder of the week, we hosted the Year 3 - 6 levels which followed a different format to that of our younger year levels. Our Year 3 - 6 students competed in target-based activities where they could score points for their houses and also competed in both running and swimming races. The students showed great athleticism and sportsmanship throughout the week and a big congratulations to all our participants. The final house scores will be tallied and the winning house will be revealed towards the end of the year once the Secondary School has had its sports day. A big thank you to all the sports staff, auxiliary staff and teachers for their help on the day.

  • Student Council Investiture Assembly 2022

    On Wednesday, 2nd of November, the Student Council, parents and special guests gathered on the fourth floor of the Highfield Building for the investiture assembly. An investiture is a ceremony where the new Student Council members are officially inaugurated to become leaders and representatives of the student body. It was a delight to have our parents welcomed back to school for the first time since the start of the pandemic. During the ceremony, the Primary and Secondary Student Council members gathered to read out the pledge to symbolize the importance of our duties and for the special guests to understand our purpose as to why we are willing to become part of the Student Council. The Student Council Badges were presented by Ms Laura King to the members of the AISB council. The Chairperson and Co-Captain from both Secondary and Primary gave speeches about their visions, while I gave a speech regarding recent events that we had accomplished. AISB Council Leaders Chairperson of Secondary Council: Pauvanprithvi Vice Chairperson of Secondary Council: Danila Primary Co-Captain: Abigail Primary Co-Captain: Darren AISB Council Members Aiyara Kaihe Alexandra Chloe Naye Samidh Midori Dominic Nino Nayatara Esai Seon Student Council Coordinators Mr.Paul Appleby Mr. Tom Gagnon The event was very exciting, and we couldn't help but feel slightly overwhelmed. However, we are prepared and ready to take action to overcome the obstacles ahead. Special Performances Written by Danila Hall, Secondary Student Council Co-Chair

  • Soi 20 Bounce Back Assembly - 26 November 2022

    Our Bounce Back Theme for November was COURAGE. The Potoroos did a wonderful job showcasing their understanding of this month's Bounce Back theme, Courage, through their wonderful slide presentation and entertained us by singing the song "Walking in the Jungle". Congratulations to all students who received either Effort in Learning Certificates or were recognised for displaying courage this month. The Foundation Potoroos would like to share what they learned this month about this theme. (current parents, please check your email for the full presentation) What does Courage mean to you? What have we learned about COURAGE: Face your fears and be brave.

  • Soi 20 Bounce Back Assembly - 26 October 2022

    Our Bounce Back Theme for October was RESILIENCE. Welcome message from Laura King, Head of Primary The Foundation Dingoes would like to share what they learned this month about this theme. (current parents, please check your email for the full presentation) What is resilience? Resilience is the ability to cope (or bounce back) from challenges and experiences that are difficult and return to almost the same level of emotional wellbeing. Resilience teaches us how we are strong, independent, and can make choices that help us to feel good. Resilient Dingoes The Dingoes made their very own resilient penguin and glued colorful pom poms on their tummies to show all the different feelings we have inside. Everyone thought about one way they feel proud to be resilient or brave like a penguin. Here is what we said... I am brave and resilient like a penguin because I can... Recipients - Effort for Learning Award Foundation Koalas Doruk Foundation Dingoes Ekas Foundation Potoroos Kei Year 1 Echidnas Evie Year 1 Pardalotes Tom Recipients - Bounce Back Awards Foundation Koalas Henry Foundation Dingoes Kobe Foundation Potoroos Yichen Year 1 Echidnas Marcos Year 1 Pardalotes Sunwoo Congratulations to all the students who received certificates this month. They all earn points for their House which go towards the “Spirit of AISB” trophy at the end of each school year.

  • International Week Celebration - Soi 20 Campus

    Written by Ms Shelby F. Aomjan, Kindergarten Teacher and Coordinator Cultural Diversity Celebrations in schools provide a range of opportunities for children and families to celebrate differences, as well as promoting different cultures, racial and ethnic groups within our community. Staff support children to show respect for diversity by celebrating different events and activities, strengthening self-identity, and promoting inclusivity. Throughout the year AISB celebrates culturally diverse calendar events, such as Loy Krathong, Christmas, Australia Day and Songkran, just to name a few. Our first cultural celebration this year was our AISB 2022-2023 International Week celebrations at the Soi 20 Campus. Children were encouraged to wear their national dress or flag colours in parades, bring home cooked dishes from around the world, share their home and travel experiences with their peers, and bring books from home in all languages. We were pleased to welcome parents on campus to participate in a few of these celebrations and further develop our school culture and community. To further broaden children’s view of the world and their place in it, each class also had a focus country which they learned about. Classes explored the foods, art, music, history, sports and flora and fauna of countries such as Egypt, Brazil, France, Kenya and many more. At AISB we know that culture is embedded in one’s sense of identity. A child’s sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming (EYLF, 2009) plays an important role in children understanding themselves, their identity, as well as acknowledging and celebrating that other people may be different. We aim for our celebrations large and small to support and encourage children’s growing sense of self and belonging. Links to the Early Years Learning Framework Outcome 2 - Children are connected with and connected to their world 2.1 - Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary for active community participation. 2.2 - Children respond to diversity with respect 2.3 - Children become aware of fairness

  • Soi 20 Bounce Back Assembly - 21 September 2022

    Our Foundation Koalas did a fantastic job hosting our first assembly for Term 1. The students shared their goals on this month's theme “goal setting” and prepared an excellent presentation. Welcome message from Laura King, Head of Primary Foundation Koalas Presentation ((current parents, please check your email for the full presentation) In Foundation, we have been thinking about goal setting. We have talked about things we would like to be able to do next month, even next year! We have been sharing ideas and ways that we can achieve our goals and learn new things. We read the story Giraffes Can’t Dance and talked about the power of yet! We can do anything with a little help from our friends! We wrote about things we can do and things we can’t do yet, but we are working on! We worked together to think about a mindset that would help us achieve our goals. We decided to have a good attitude, to work together, try new things, and to stay focused. Sometimes we can get frustrated or angry, but we can take a deep breath and try again. You might not be able to do it YET, but one day you will!! Prepared by Ms Cassandra, Foundation Koalas teacher Recipients - Effort for Learning Award Foundation Koalas Ina Ryouma Foundation Dingoes Yumeth Taymiyyah Foundation Potoroos Gen Tom Year 1 Echidnas Isaac Aarush Year 1 Pardalotes Jade Alina Recipients - Bounce Back Awards Foundation Koalas Anvika Charlotte Foundation Dingoes Audrey Ellie Foundation Potoroos Abhiraj Moah Year 1 Echidnas Anyaphat Aushan Year 1 Pardalotes Sebastian Kizuna Congratulations to all the students who received either 'Effort in Learning' certificates or Bounce Back, "GOAL SETTING" awards. They all earn points for their House which go towards the “Spirit of AISB” trophy at the end of each school year.

  • AISB Jolly Phonics Workshop 2022

    Venue: Australian International School, Bangkok - Sukhumvit Soi 31 campus Participants: Representatives from different schools in Bangkok and our very own AISB teachers. On Saturday 10th September 2023, 19 Phonics enthusiasts took part in a Jolly Phonics workshop run by Mr John Chambers - a U.K Certified Jolly Phonics Trainer with over 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher. Participants were educated through videos, music, movement, games and activities to develop their Jolly Phonics teaching skills and how to implement the program in a fun and engaging way. Everyone had a lot of fun engaging in variety of phonics games and learning more techniques on teaching and motivating students in the developing their phonics skills.

  • Mental Math World Cup Winners 2022

    In Term 3, our Secondary students participated in The Mental Math World Cup. This included entering various competitions to apply mental math strategies to solve complex problems over all three components of Mathematics: number & algebra, geometry & measurement, and probability & statistics. We are delighted to announce 3 fantastic winners from AISB: Leo (Year 8 Eungella) competed in the "Master" category and achieved a ranking of 3rd in Thailand and 14th in the world. Daniel (Year 8 Eungella) competed in the "Grandmaster" category and achieved a ranking of 10th in Thailand and 179th in the world. Kaihe(Year 8 Eungella) competed in the "Grandmaster" category and achieved a ranking of 20th in Thailand and 306th in the world. Our students also participated in free fun filled webinars to develop their mathematics and leadership skills: 1) Mental Math Tips and Tricks by an Industry Stalwart to make Math fun, help students perform well in the competition and also help them improve their overall calculation skills. 2) Brainobics Webinar: Where students were introduced to exercises to awaken Brain for Learning Readiness 3) A leading HR and Wellbeing Expert helped our contestants master the Art of Regulating Emotions. 4) An expert Career Counselling Stalwart guided Middle and High School Students to align their Dreams with their Capability, Personality and Interests to achieve success. Well done to our amazing students and a big shout out to their parents and teachers for their support throughout the competition!

  • AISB Jolly Phonics Workshop - 10 September 2022

    The Australian International School Bangkok would like to invite teachers and parents to our Jolly Phonics Workshop. Anyone is welcomed to join the workshop, including teachers and parents outside the AISB community. Join our workshop to learn more about effective methods for teaching Jolly Phonics, hosted by Mr John Chambers - a U.K Certified Jolly Phonics Trainer with over 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher. Workshop Participants will learn: The five main components of Jolly Phonics Tips and tricks to keep students motivated How to teach Jolly Phonics with minimal resources Key Jolly Phonics Topics Covered: Tricky words Identifying the sounds in words Letter formation Letter sounds Blending Workshop Details: 🗓 Date: Saturday 10 September 2022 ⏰ Time: 9am - 3pm (morning tea and lunch provided) 💰Cost: 4,000 THB Register here: Jolly Phonics Workshop Registration E-Form About Our Trainer Mr. John Chambers first started teaching Jolly Phonics in 2004 and believes that Jolly Phonics is a wonderful program because of its multi-sensory approach. It is fun and interactive for the children and especially recommended for children in their early years of school (4 - 7 years old). John spent so many years of studying Jolly Phonics and other Phonics programs and eventually took his passion for phonics to the next level, becoming a UK Certified Jolly Phonics Trainer. Bachelor of Education Diploma of Teaching U.K Certified Jolly Phonics Trainer 30 years of experience as a Classroom Teacher *For the health and safety of everyone, Covid-19 protocols will be implemented.

  • Outstanding IGCSE & A Level Examinations Results

    Written by Mr Neil Robinson - Head of Secondary I am delighted to announce that our Year 10 & 12 students have achieved an outstanding set of Cambridge IGCSE/A Level Results in their June Examinations. These examinations are a culmination of 2 years of hard work and commitment for our IGCSE and A Level Students, and 1 year in depth study for our AS Level student. They are of course international, and standardised across over 160 countries globally, so they are challenging and rigorous for the students. Here is a summary of our students' key achievements this year: IGCSE Results 100% Pass rate 79% of Grades at A* to B Grade 62% of Grades at A* to A Grade 50% of our students achieving results of A* to B Grades Outstanding IGCSE Subject Achievements English First Language - All students received A* Design & Technology - All students received A* Global Perspectives - All students received A* A Level Results 100% Pass rate 100% of Grades at A* to C Grades A special mention must go to our top performing students: Amber Scott who achieved 100% A* to B grades in all of her IGCSE subjects. 4 A* Grades 1 A Grade 1 B Grade Isa Nishida who achieved 100% A* to B grades in all of her IGCSE subjects. 2 A* Grades 3 A Grade 1 B Grade Benito Bilal who achieved 100% A* to C grades across his A Level studies. A massive congratulations to all of our Year 10 and 12 Students, and their amazing teachers. These results are all the more outstanding in the context that this set of students have endured the most disrupted 2 years of education, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, it goes without saying that I am absolutely delighted to see the resilience that our students have shown to achieve an exceptional high grade passes across all IGCSE and A Level subjects. Congratulations goes to all our students and their teachers, they deserve the accolades. They have continued the high achievements set by last year’s AISB Year 10 & 11 cohorts.

  • Announcing AISB University Partnerships

    Written by Mr Greg Cairnduff - Executive Strategic Advisor and Former AISB School Director University partnerships start this year When the school opened in 2002-03, our vision was for AISB to eventually provide an educational pathway from Nursery to Year 12, with an ambitious goal to form partnerships with leading Australian Universities in providing university preparation pathways. The Board of AISB is pleased to announce that we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Macquarie University in Sydney and within the next month, we will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with La Trobe University, based in Melbourne. What does this mean for AISB? These partnerships will enable the following elements of the vision to be implemented: The school will be able to provide approved university preparation courses Our teachers will undertake professional learning programs provided by the universities. AISB will contribute to the preparation of pre service teachers from Macquarie. AISB will be involved with the universities in educational research Macquarie University Macquarie University was established in 1964 and is currently ranked within the Top 1% of global universities (Times Higher Education Rankings 2021, QS Rankings 2020). Macquarie University is focussed on fostering collaboration between students, academics, industry and society, encouraging all to traverse the boundaries of their own perspectives and effect change1 AISB Partnership with Macquarie University In 2022-23, we will host 16 Pre-Service teachers from Macquarie who will be in the school in April – May for three weeks as part of their teacher training. In term 1 our Primary teachers will participate in three online seminars with Multi-Lits a Macquarie company on the Science of reading In term 1 Kindergarten and Foundation teachers will participate in webinars on early literacy. For information about Macquarie University see Latrobe University La Trobe University has been one of Australia's pioneering universities for more than 50 years. It is the third university to open in Victoria, which has grown to accommodate more than 36,000 students, with over 7,000 international students from 110 countries2. La Trobe University currently ranks in the top 4 universities for their work to advance the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (Times Higher Education 2021). AISB Partnership with La Trobe University Beginning in School Year 2023- 24, AISB will offer two pre university courses from La Trobe College, the university’s pre university course provider. The college is closely partnered with La Trobe University and has been part of the university's main campus in Melbourne since 1974. Their English language programs and academic pathways into La Trobe University undergraduate programs have been helping students reach their educational and career goals for over 45 years. In School Year 2023 – 24, AISB will be offering two La Trobe College pathway to university to our students. These will be a Foundation Course and a Diploma Course. FOUNDATION STUDIES Equivalent to Australian Year 12 Generic program that includes chemistry, biology etc Leads to first entry of various university degrees at La Trobe and other Australian universities DIPLOMA STUDIES Equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor degree program at La Trobe University Specific subject areas studied e.g. Business, IT Leads to second year entry of various La Trobe degrees Applies to other universities as well Can be completed in 8 months of full- time study Entry to these courses will apply to students who will graduate from Year 12 in 2023. In November 2022, a member of La Trobe College senior executive staff will visit AISB to speak with parents. For information about La Trobe university see Introduction of these university partnerships and the courses which flow from them will be evidence of AISB keeping another promise of the vision being fulfilled. Sources: 1. Macquarie University Website 2. La Trobe University Website

  • Online AISB Art Exhibition 2021-2022 (Soi 20 Campus)

    Written by Ms Jess and the Art Department AISB We are pleased to present our Online AISB Art Exhibition Soi 20, 2021-2022. This year’s theme is “Imagination”. Taking our little artists on journeys around the world with both mystical and realistic themes. The online exhibition features a variety of Artworks by our Foundation and Year 1 students. Check out some amazing artworks below:

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