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  • AISB Athletics Day

    Written by Mr Andre, Head of Sport, PE & Aquatics AISB recently made history with its first-ever Athletics Day held at the Thai-Japan Youth Centre on November 10, 2023. This momentous event was a celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and the vibrant spirit of our diverse student body. Under the bright sun and against the scenic backdrop of the Tahi-Japan Youth Centre, students from various year levels came together to participate in a thrilling array of track and field events. From sprints to long jumps to shot puts, and obstacle courses the athletic prowess displayed by our students was truly awe-inspiring. Each participant, whether our smallest of Year 1's to our biggest of Year 12's showcased determination, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to give their best. The vibrant energy was not limited to the track and field; supporters and parents cheered passionately from the sidelines, representing our houses, and fostering an atmosphere of unity and school pride. What made this Athletics Day truly exceptional was the unison of cultures and nationalities. AISB's diverse community was on full display, with students of different backgrounds coming together, competing, and supporting one another with enthusiasm and respect. AISB's inaugural Athletics Day at the Tahi-Japan Youth Centre was more than a sporting event; it was a testament to the school's commitment to holistic education, fostering not just academic excellence but also physical fitness, teamwork, and a spirit of inclusivity. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, teachers, staff, and parents for their unwavering support, making this event a resounding success. Here's to many more memorable Athletics Days filled with sportsmanship, unity, and the thrill of competition at AISB!

  • Innovation Center Celebration 2023

    This week marked a special occasion at the Innovation Centre, as each year level visited on designated days for a morning filled with activities in Design Technology, Media Arts, Digital Technology, and Art and Design—all centered around the theme of light. In Visual Art and Design, students had fun using ultraviolet paint to create paintings that lit up under UV light. In Media Arts, students did shadow drawings, exploring light and shadow using various objects. They changed the angle and distance of the light source to see how shadows transformed. For Design Technologies, students got creative making shadow puppets. They looked at different puppet styles from around the world for inspiration. Some added cutouts inside their puppets, while others designed parts for movement. The fun part? Performing with their puppets. In Digital Technology, they mastered the control of Sphero robots, experimented with changing colors and honing their skills in sequencing instructions. Navigating the robot through simple mazes provided a hands-on and engaging experience in the world of digital innovation.

  • Sports Day: Kindergarten and Foundation Students

    Written by Ms. Cari, Physical Education & Swimming Teacher Our Kindergarten and Foundation students enjoyed the fun and excitement of their Sports Day on the 13th & 14th of November. Students took part in activities at five different stations with the support of their class teachers and members of the PE and Sports team. Their efforts in the Fishing game, Tube Relay, Obstacle course, Caterpillar walk and Target throw were outstanding and the students enjoyed demonstrating all their learning and development from their PMP lessons. Our parents enthusiastically cheered on as the students took to the field to showcase their skills. It's was wonderful to witness the joy and excitement that the students experienced while participating in such activities, which will go a long way to foster a love for physical activity and sports in our young students. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the event!

  • Student Council Investiture Ceremony

    Members of the AISB community gathered together on Wednesday, the 18th of October, for the student council investiture ceremony. This is an official assembly to acknowledge the elected council members, recite the school pledge and formally hand out our student council badges. The school recently celebrated a delightful event, during which our elected student representatives were officially inducted. The representatives will play a crucial role in voicing the concerns and ideas of the student body, contributing to the growth and improvement of our school community. The student council at our school is a group of enthusiastic individuals who are eager to make a positive impact on our school community. These responsible leaders have already demonstrated their ability to take charge and lead with confidence. They have embraced their roles with enthusiasm and have shown great initiative in addressing the needs and concerns of their fellow students. With their dedication and proactive approach, the student council is poised to make a significant difference in enhancing our school environment and fostering a sense of unity among students. We were delighted to welcome our guest of honour, Ms. Amber Parr, the Agricultural Counselor from the Australian Embassy in Thailand. She captivated the audience with inspiring stories from her own journey as a young leader, offering valuable insights on how our students at AISB can embark on their own leadership paths. Amber also generously shared the challenges she faced as a young leader and talked about how she overcame these. This inspired our future leaders to have no fear, be brave and believe in themselves. AISB Council members Primary Alexa Y6 Lorikeets (Co-Captain) Koto Y6 Curlews Momona Y6 Lorikeets Nayantara Y6 Currawongs Hana Y6 Currawongs Tommie Y5 Brolgas (Co-Captain) Hanna Y5 Ospreys Maddison Y5 Numbats Secondary Danila - Captain Ema - Vice Captain Kaihe - Secretary Kai - Community Outreach organizer Egor - Council Member Chlore - Council Member Dejanesia - Council Member Enija - Council Member The AISB primary school choir, led by Mr Tom, and the secondary school band, led by Mr Boon, treated the attendees to excellent musical performances. The event showcased the wealth of talented performers and committed student leaders enrolled in the AISB secondary and primary schools.

  • AISB U9 and U11 Football Friendly Tournament

    Written by Ms. Melissa, U9 & U11 Football Squad Manager On Saturday 28 October, AISB U9 and U11 football squads participated in their first at home tournament, against the visiting teams from BASIS and Anglo 64. With smiles on their faces, both teams showcased their passion and skill in the friendly yet competitive matches. Parents cheered from the sidelines, as we all supported these budding athletes dribbling, passing and shooting their way across the turf. It was a heartwarming display of teamwork, sportsmanship and the joy of playing the beautiful game. Players went home, tired and content at having played their hearts out. We look forward to the rest of their upcoming games this season!

  • Design Technology Y2

    This week Year 2 students continued their exploration of forces and movement. They were tasked with building model cars that were powered by the invisible force of the wind. They experimented with creating different sail designs to see which allowed their car to travel faster and further and then had a great time testing their creations by racing around the latest addition to the Formula 1 calendar, AISB Speedway. Congratulations to our winning race engineers and everyone involved.

  • Year 1 Design - Menu Restaurant

    Year 1 students were tasked with creating a menu design for their new restaurant. This activity introduced them to the concept of healthy and unhealthy foods and allowed them to explore their creativity and take ownership of the design choices they made.

  • Year 4 Digital Tech - All About Me

    The Year 4 students have been learning all about PowerPoint by crafting a presentation titled "All About Me”. They have learned how to manipulate fonts, craft Word Art, incorporate images with stylish frames and effects, add seamless transitions and animations, design unique layouts and backgrounds, integrate audio and video elements, use hyperlinks, and set precise timing for automatic slide progression without the need for manual button presses. All of these skills have enabled them to make professional looking presentations with a personal touch.

  • AISB U11 Football Squad

    Written by Mr. Andre, Head of Sports On Saturday, 23rd September, the AISB U11 Football Squad demonstrated their sportsmanship and talent as they participated in an exciting football tournament hosted at the International School Bangkok (ISB). We competed in the B Group against ISB, Shrewsbury and RIS. The AISB U11 squad won all 3 of their games and exhibited commendable teamwork and determination throughout the tournament. The players displayed great enthusiasm and dedication, embodying the spirit of sportsmanship. Their discipline and respect towards both opponents and officials were evident, making our coaches, managers & supporting parents proud. The tournament not only provided a chance for the players to engage in healthy competition but also enabled them to enhance their football skills and understanding of the game. The squad embraced the experience and learning opportunities offered during each match, reflecting their commitment to growth and improvement. Overall, the AISB U11 Football Squad showcased their athletic talent and represented the school with pride, leaving a positive mark on the tournament and reinforcing the school's commitment to fostering a culture of sportsmanship and excellence.

  • InitiaLit Parent Workshop

    AISB is excited to share that we've introduced the InitiaLit Foundation to Year 2 Literacy program, aimed at helping all our students build strong foundations in reading, writing, and spelling. InitiaLit is a research-based program which has shown positive results in helping children become successful readers and writers. It is a three-year program, covering the first three years of school (Foundation to Year 2). InitiaLit addresses reading, spelling and writing by: Actively teaching the relationships between sounds and letters Building vocabulary and comprehension skills through quality children’s books Giving children lots of practice in reading, handwriting, spelling and writing activities Just last week, we hosted special workshops for parents, and it was an absolute pleasure! These workshops were designed to empower parents in supporting their child's reading, writing, and spelling journey at home. During these workshops, parents had the chance to dive into the exciting world of how children learn to read, using the key components of the InitiaLit program: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling. In addition, we made the workshops interactive by involving parents in hands-on activities that demonstrated how they can apply these components in an exciting way at home. To all the parents who joined us for these sessions, thank you! Your presence and enthusiasm were truly appreciated. We hope you left the workshops with a toolkit of strategies and knowledge on how to support your child's literacy development.

  • AISB Basketball Squads Friendly Tournament

    Written by Mr. Andre, Head of Sports On Saturday the 23rd of September, AISB played host to an enthralling friendly basketball tournament. The tournament featured spirited matches between AISB, Norwich and MISB. The AISB basketball squads exhibited exemplary sportsmanship, showcasing their skills and teamwork with vigor and enthusiasm. Each squad member displayed remarkable dedication and determination on the court, embodying the true spirit of the game. The friendly competition allowed the players to test their abilities, refine their strategies, and build essential qualities of discipline and resilience in preparation for the upcoming tournament at BASIS on Sunday 1 October. The matches were characterized by intense action and spirited performances from all participating teams. The AISB basketball squads demonstrated their prowess, agility, and strategic prowess, winning the hearts of the spectators and the respect of their opponents. The AISB community would like to express their gratitude to Norwich and MISB for their participation and contribution to a memorable event. The friendly tournament served as a platform for cultural exchange, fostering new friendships, and strengthening the spirit of sportsmanship among the players.

  • Soi 20 Bounce Back Assembly - Goal Setting

    Last week, our Foundation Koalas did a fantastic job hosting our September assembly. The students shared their goals on this month's theme “goal setting” and prepared an excellent presentation. Prepared by Ms Emma, Foundation Koalas teacher Congratulations to all the students who received certificates this month. Recipients - Excellent Effort in Learning Foundation Koalas Aades Foundation Dingoes Zhaka Foundation Potoroos Estela Foundation Wallabies Niran Year 1 Echidnas Kei Year 1 Pardalotes Juan Recipients - Bounce Back Awards (Demonstrating Great Goal Setting) Foundation Koalas Ajus Foundation Dingoes Riya Foundation Potoroos Aoi Foundation Wallabies Chaeyoon Year 1 Echidnas Taymiyyah Year 1 Pardalotes Anna They all earn points for their House which go towards the “Spirit of AISB” trophy at the end of each school year.

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