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  • InitiaLit Parent Workshop

    AISB is excited to share that we've introduced the InitiaLit Foundation to Year 2 Literacy program, aimed at helping all our students build strong foundations in reading, writing, and spelling. InitiaLit is a research-based program which has shown positive results in helping children become successful readers and writers. It is a three-year program, covering the first three years of school (Foundation to Year 2). InitiaLit addresses reading, spelling and writing by: Actively teaching the relationships between sounds and letters Building vocabulary and comprehension skills through quality children’s books Giving children lots of practice in reading, handwriting, spelling and writing activities Just last week, we hosted special workshops for parents, and it was an absolute pleasure! These workshops were designed to empower parents in supporting their child's reading, writing, and spelling journey at home. During these workshops, parents had the chance to dive into the exciting world of how children learn to read, using the key components of the InitiaLit program: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling. In addition, we made the workshops interactive by involving parents in hands-on activities that demonstrated how they can apply these components in an exciting way at home. To all the parents who joined us for these sessions, thank you! Your presence and enthusiasm were truly appreciated. We hope you left the workshops with a toolkit of strategies and knowledge on how to support your child's literacy development.

  • AISB Basketball Squads Friendly Tournament

    Written by Mr. Andre, Head of Sports On Saturday the 23rd of September, AISB played host to an enthralling friendly basketball tournament. The tournament featured spirited matches between AISB, Norwich and MISB. The AISB basketball squads exhibited exemplary sportsmanship, showcasing their skills and teamwork with vigor and enthusiasm. Each squad member displayed remarkable dedication and determination on the court, embodying the true spirit of the game. The friendly competition allowed the players to test their abilities, refine their strategies, and build essential qualities of discipline and resilience in preparation for the upcoming tournament at BASIS on Sunday 1 October. The matches were characterized by intense action and spirited performances from all participating teams. The AISB basketball squads demonstrated their prowess, agility, and strategic prowess, winning the hearts of the spectators and the respect of their opponents. The AISB community would like to express their gratitude to Norwich and MISB for their participation and contribution to a memorable event. The friendly tournament served as a platform for cultural exchange, fostering new friendships, and strengthening the spirit of sportsmanship among the players.

  • Soi 20 Bounce Back Assembly - Goal Setting

    Last week, our Foundation Koalas did a fantastic job hosting our September assembly. The students shared their goals on this month's theme “goal setting” and prepared an excellent presentation. Prepared by Ms Emma, Foundation Koalas teacher Congratulations to all the students who received certificates this month. Recipients - Excellent Effort in Learning Foundation Koalas Aades Foundation Dingoes Zhaka Foundation Potoroos Estela Foundation Wallabies Niran Year 1 Echidnas Kei Year 1 Pardalotes Juan Recipients - Bounce Back Awards (Demonstrating Great Goal Setting) Foundation Koalas Ajus Foundation Dingoes Riya Foundation Potoroos Aoi Foundation Wallabies Chaeyoon Year 1 Echidnas Taymiyyah Year 1 Pardalotes Anna They all earn points for their House which go towards the “Spirit of AISB” trophy at the end of each school year.

  • Shapes, Motor Skills, and Learning: Exploring 2D Shapes in Kindergarten

    Written by Ms Shelby, Kindergarten Teacher and Coordinator Over the last few weeks in our Kindergarten classrooms the children have begun to explore and create 2D shapes. They have gone on shape hunts to observe what shapes are in their environments, and participated in both fine and gross motor activities to support this learning. In the classroom, children have had opportunities to notice and count the number of sides on different shapes or notice their similarities or differences to other similar shapes. While lacing and shaping playdough, the children used their developing fine motor skills to pinch the lacing string and push it through the holes, or to roll and press the playdough into their desired shape. During our weekly Perceptual Motor Program [PMP] session the children also had opportunities to follow the lines of the shapes as they walked around them. As children balanced on the edge of the shapes many of them noticed the points on the triangle and the long sides on the rectangle. Several children also asked where the familiar oval was as they demonstrated their awareness of what shapes were familiar or unfamiliar to them. Through these experiences the children are further developing their awareness of and description language skills around 2D shapes. These learning experiences connect to our Early Years Learning Framework Outcomes in these ways: Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners 4.2 Children develop a range of learning and thinking skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating 4.3 Children transfer and adapt what they have learned from one context to another Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators 5.3 Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media 5.4 children begin to understand how symbols and pattern systems work

  • Speech Pathology Services for AISB Families

    Starting from September 20th, Lorelle will be joining our school as a consultant practitioner, offering her expertise in speech pathology services to AISB families as well as families whose children may attend other schools in the region. 🌟 Meet Lorelle Evans: A Champion in Paediatric Speech Pathology 🌟 Lorelle Evans is an Australian-based speech pathologist with an impressive 20 years of experience in paediatric speech pathology. Her career has spanned various roles in early intervention, school-age therapy, and disability support. Lorelle brings a wealth of knowledge and clinical expertise to our community, particularly in the areas of early intervention, speech sound disorders, and bilingual language development. One of Lorelle's key passions is advocating for improved engagement and training for parents and teachers to better support children with Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). Her dedication to this cause is evident in her work, which extends beyond her home in Sydney's Northern Beaches. In fact, Lorelle has already made significant contributions to our community. She has conducted professional learning programs in SLCN for AISB Early Childhood teachers, and earlier this year, she led a school-sponsored parent education series on language development in young children called "Talking About Talking." We are excited to announce that we plan to offer similar programs for parents in the upcoming 2023-24 school year. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 🗣️ The Vital Role of Speech Pathology Speech Pathologists, also known as Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), Speech Therapists (STs), or Speech & Language Therapists (SLT/SaLT), are allied health professionals who specialize in speech communication. This includes understanding spoken language, expressing ideas through speech, and various related skills. SPs work with children facing challenges in areas such as language comprehension, vocabulary, correct speech sounds, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering, and even feeding routines. Importantly, speech pathologists like Lorelle understand the complexities of bilingual language development, helping to distinguish between learning English as a second language and potential underlying language difficulties. 🎉 Speech Pathology Support Services at AISB Our partnership with Australian Therapy Services Asia (ATSA) has brought Speech Pathology Services directly to the families of AISB students. Through this collaboration, we can provide assessments and therapy sessions at school or through telehealth sessions, ensuring accessibility and convenience. Additionally, through ATSA, we have access to other vital allied health services, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and post-natal health advice. 💡About Australian Therapy Services Asia (ATSA) ATSA is a speech pathology service dedicated to improving access for children in the ASEAN region through telehealth-based advice and therapy sessions. Their mission aligns perfectly with ours: to provide quality, innovative, and integrated speech pathology services regardless of location. ATSA also understands the international school environment and has been working with children in International Schools in Thailand for three years. 🤗 Access to ATSA Services for All We extend our warm welcome to parents whose children attend other schools. You are more than welcome to take advantage of ATSA's services, as they are here to support the well-being and development of all children in our community. 🤝👪 📧 Get in Touch For any enquiries regarding Speech Pathology or other allied health services available through ATSA, please reach out to Ms. Hannah, Head of Teaching and Learning at AISB, via email at If you have concerns about your child's speech and/or language skills, you can also contact Lorelle directly at to arrange a free 15-minute initial consultation. 🗣️📱 At AISB, we are dedicated to nurturing the holistic development of our students, and Lorelle Evans's presence on our team is a testament to our commitment to their well-being. We look forward to the positive impact she will have on our community and the many lives she will touch through her expertise in speech pathology. #AISBcommunity #speechpathology #childdevelopment

  • AISB Kitchen Staff Training Workshop

    Our AISB kitchen staff recently attended a special training workshop hosted by professional school nutritionists, aimed at improving our school meals and creating an enhanced dining experience for students. The session included professional development of our kitchen staff to ensure they remain well-informed about the latest culinary trends, nutritional insights, and food safety guidelines. The primary objective was to equip the staff with fresh skills, knowledge, and innovative ideas to enhance menus and food service. The workshop was thoughtfully designed to cover a wide array of topics, including: 1. Basic Nutrition Nutrients Dietary requirements based on student age groups Food exchanges Nutrition Facts 2. Food Service Menus cycling Food safety and sanitation practices Canteen environment Nutrition experts were invited to enlighten the staff on the importance of balanced diets, the significance of incorporating diverse food groups, and tailoring meals to accommodate varying dietary needs. Through interactive sessions, the kitchen staff acquired the skill of crafting appealing menus that not only offer nutrition but also captivate the palates of young students. The workshop utilized practical activities to infuse an element of fun into learning. Kitchen staff collaborated in teams, sharing ideas and exploring new approaches. This collaborative effort fostered creativity and injected enthusiasm into the training. The workshop delved beyond the realm of cooking, encompassing aspects of food service such as portion sizing, presentation, and techniques for creating a welcoming and joyful dining environment for students. Staff members gained insights into making the dining area student-friendly, thereby ensuring a positive mealtime experience. By equipping the kitchen staff with fresh skills and knowledge, the school ensures that its students receive the essential nourishment for both academic and personal growth. We are looking forward to launching our new menus in the new school year.

  • Celebrating Success and Embarking on New Adventures: Year 6 Leavers' Celebration

    The Year 6 Leavers' Celebration was a special event for the students as they said goodbye to primary school and prepared for the next phase of their education. During the celebration, the students were acknowledged for their progress throughout primary school. Proud parents and the Year 6 teachers, Mr. Brenton and Ms. Laura, presented certificates to each student, recognizing their growth, dedication, and hard work. The atmosphere was filled with pride and admiration as the students were applauded for their achievements. In addition to receiving certificates, the Year 6 teachers shared valuable advice with the students. Drawing from their own wisdom and experiences, they encouraged and guided the students for their exciting journey into secondary school. After the formal part of the event, it was time for the students to relax and enjoy the celebrations. They had a lively party with music, delicious food, and lots of laughter. One of the highlights was the tradition of signing each other's shirts, leaving farewell messages and memories. These shirts will be cherished keepsakes, reminding them of their friendships from primary school. As the Year 6 students begin their journey into secondary school, they carry with them fond memories, valuable lessons, and the support of their teachers and loved ones. Congratulations to the Year 6 students, and best of luck in secondary school!

  • AISB Secondary Music and Dance

    We are proud to share the highlights from our first-ever AISB Secondary Music and Dance performances held on June 14, 2023. The afternoon showcased an exceptional display of talent and artistic expression, captivating the audience with mesmerizing melodies, breathtaking choreography, and sheer passion for the performing arts. Students from Years 7-9 came together to create a harmonious fusion of music and movement, leaving the audience enthralled. The performances were a testament to the dedication and hard work of our talented students, as well as the unwavering support of our dedicated music and dance teachers. This unforgettable afternoon not only celebrated the remarkable achievements of our young performers but also showcased the power of music and dance in fostering creativity, teamwork, and self-expression.

  • AISB Hosts Friendly Basketball Tournament with Ascot International, Anglo Singapore, and Norwich

    Written by Timothy Byrne On Saturday 10th June AISB hosted a friendly basketball tournament with Ascot International, Anglo Singapore and Norwich attending. The weather looked like it was going to play a big part but after trying to rain for most of the warm up we were able to get underway with AISB facing off against Norwich in the first game. AISB played well and showed that they are beginning to develop as a team as they demonstrated cohesive teamwork and went after loose ball. It was a very close game with AISB taking the win. The second game between Ascot and Anglo Singapore was when the rains decided to make an appearance. Although the rain was short it still required a small pause in order to get the court dried and ready to play again. After a short break play resumed with all the other games scheduled being played. In the final game of the morning AISB took on Anglo Singapore and the game was incredibly close throughout the whole match. They played incredibly well and showcased how far they have come as a team in a short period of time. A big thank you to the parents that came out and supported the team and to coaches Rob and Boggie who once again demonstrated how a good coach can care for their players as well as encourage them to give their all.

  • The Sounds of Spring - End of Year Early Years Concert

    Written by Ms. Sheridan, Head of Soi 20 Early Years Campus As the academic year came to a close, our Nursery, Kindergarten and Foundation students were buzzing with excitement for their end of year concert, with this year's themes revolving around bugs and spring. Our youngest students in Nursery performed songs such as "Fly like a Butterfly", "Here is the Beehive", "Mr Golden Sun", "Drip Drop Rain" and "I'm a Hungry Caterpillar". For some, it was their first time performing on the stage, whilst others showed growth in their confidence from their first performance in December. With each practice session and every encouraging word from staff, their voices grew louder, their movements more coordinated, and their stage presence more vibrant. Kindergarten students, in their bug-inspired costumes created by staff, took the stage with energy and showed their developing vocal talents in songs such as "The Insect Song", "Lucky Ladybug" and "Bugs Bugs Bugs". Their enthusiasm and musical abilities shone, as they delivered a memorable performance that reflected their growth and development throughout the year. As our Kindergarten students prepare for their transition into the Foundation level in the next school year, and celebrate all the achievements they have made throughout their time in Kindergarten, they also prepared a special song to celebrate this milestone, performing "The Graduation Song". The Foundation students worked under the guidance of their dedicated teachers to present the musical play, "Bugz". With colourful costumes, our young performers brought the bug characters to life. This fun-filled musical took the audience on a journey through the eyes of different types of insects as they set out to steal a picnic lunch, highlighting the importance of unity and kindness, and celebrating individuality. Adding to the excitement, our specialist music teachers Ms Gee and Ms Ann also prepared a series of songs for children to perform. Using the Kinder Beat program, it provided a comprehensive foundation in rhythm, melody, tempo and musical expression. Children used a variety of instruments and embarked on a musical journey, culminating in a wonderful performance at the concert. Congratulations to all our young performers, and also to the classroom and music teachers for guiding them on this musical journey. The concert performances not only showed the childrens developing musical talents, but also highlighted the power of music in nurturing creativity and teamwork.

  • AISB 2023 Graduation Speech by Minori

    Hi, everyone. I want to begin by saying thank you to all of you including my parents, all teachers, nannies, and all friends here. I still cannot believe that we, as year 12 students, are preparing to graduate from AISB. I have been at this school for 4 years and made lots of memories here with you guys, and it has been an honour to know you all. When I came here I was in Y9 and I was really nervous because of course I had to talk in English and sometimes I was so scared to make mistakes in some English words to communicate with my classmates. However, as long as I talked to everyone and spent a lot of time with them, I could be more confident in myself and I didn’t feel any fear in talking with my friends. I have also grown stronger because I came to this school and AISB has given me the opportunity to challenge myself.  For example, when I was in my old school, I struggled in Mathematics. Throughout my time at AISB I have been given the opportunity to overcome my weakness and have grown greatly in confidence. As a result, I have been given the chance to be proud of myself by leaping my insecurity toward mathematics. This school is a great place which encourages every student to enhance their ability. I like this school’s atmosphere as it welcomes all to come and feel at home and enthusiastic. I love this school and I am so appreciative of my parents allowing me to get the opportunity to come here. Before I began here, my parents were worried about me, but AISB has made me feel comfortable, calm and welcome. Finally, we have come to this moment, and it is time to go to the next step. So I will say thank you for both your support and I am so sorry that I made you feel anxious about my path. I want to finish by thanking Mr. Brenton our director, Mr. Andre as the head of secondary teachers. I hope I will not forget what I have learned from your lectures. Also, thank you to all the nannies for serving snacks, drinks and lunches every time and cleaning up the whole buildings to make our school lives better. Finally, to all of you guys,  thank you for being my friends. Because of you guys, I could make lots of great memories and have a great time with all of you. I’m a little bit sad to say goodbye to you guys for now, but fortunately, I will stay here in Bangkok, so you can chat with me and we can see each other when you are free! Thank you so much for today's graduation ceremony and I wish you all the best of luck in the future! Thank you.

  • Celebrating Achievement: AISB Secondary School's Graduation Ceremony

    Written by Mr. Andre, Acting Head of Secondary The joyous atmosphere at AISB Secondary School was palpable on 9th June as the much-anticipated graduation ceremony took place. The event marked a significant milestone for the students, parents, and faculty, who had supported and nurtured these young minds throughout their educational journey. Our three exceptional students: Phili, Minori, and Sammy, stood tall as they bid farewell to their beloved alma mater. The graduation ceremony was not just an occasion to celebrate the achievements of the graduates, but also a reflection on the remarkable journey they had undertaken during their time at AISB Secondary School. Over the years, these students had imbibed knowledge, honed their skills, and nurtured their passions under the guidance of dedicated teachers and staff members. The ceremony served as a testament to their hard work, resilience, and determination. As they spread their wings and explore new horizons, the AISB community takes pride in knowing that these graduates will make a positive impact on the world. We wish them all the success in their future endeavors and hope they cherish the memories forged during their time at AISB Secondary School.

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