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Celebrating Three Years of Excellence in Cambridge A-Level Japanese Language Exams

In the November 2023 Cambridge A-Level examinations, a remarkable feat unfolded as eight students, six of whom are currently only in Year 8, undertook an exam intended for Year 11 and 12 students.

Under the guidance of Ms. Mami Makino, all eight students achieved outstanding A grades, showcasing an extraordinary level of academic prowess and determination. This achievement holds special significance as it marks the third consecutive year that Ms. Mami and her students have accomplished the remarkable feat of securing all A grades. This consistent success underscores the exceptional teaching and mentorship provided by Ms. Mami and highlights the dedication and brilliance exhibited by the students under her tutelage. The collective effort of both teacher and students in achieving such consistent excellence is truly commendable and stands as a testament to the exceptional educational environment fostered within our institution.

Congratulations to Ms. Mami Makino and her students on this phenomenal achievement!

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